You Might Be a Redneck When.....

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You might be a redneck when the front seat from your Dodge Ram truck is
sitting in your driveway on a Friday night. And you actually sit in the
seats in your driveway watching the traffic go by.

Music Snob Boogie

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I use to be one. Yes, a music snob. I remember in high school when I went to visit colleges with my parents riding in our car and my dad was listening to country music. I asked my dad to turn the station, but we were in Kentucky see and really at that time Country music really was all there was. And that is not all that long ago my friends!!! So I thought it was better to just listen to my CD player with my headset and turn up the Cure, Thompson Twins, Natalie Merchant. Yeah, yeah you know they type of music. Anyhow, it did not take long and that 'ol Country music started to grow on me. I remember many a day waking up to CMT listening to Reba and then singing Tori Amos as I walked to class. Listening to some Bob Marley and turning around to listen to some DC Talk or maybe Voice of the Beehive. I think one thing College did for me was help me not be a music snob anymore instead to find things I appreciate in all music and all styles. Even though I can really say they may not be my favorite......uhhh like Opera, I can say I appreciate it. Especially since not many people can sing like that. Today as I was taking my boys to school listening to T-Bone and some Dave Matthews, I just kind of thought about how far I have really come.......thanks to my husband too......who seriously can sing and play any type of music. I wish I were gifted in that way. To be able to play an instrument and sing........but I did not get those gifts......but at least I can boogie!

Mommy, your cheeks are gonna pop off!

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The other day I was smiling at Eli. The kid makes me smile because I love how he talks and how he says funny things. Anyhow, he said, "Mommy, it looks like your cheeks are gonna pop off!" I guess that is a good smile!

Melbourne Art Festival

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This weekend we went to the Melbourne Art Festival.  They have a lot of things for the kids to create.  Eli loved doing the pottery and clay.  I was so excited for him to throw on the wheel.  Eli really loves art and he is pretty good at it.

Maggie Beth (even though it does not look like it in this picture) enjoys it too, she had to do everything her brothers did, but this was her initiative all on her own, painting fish.  She must take after her mommy! :)

This was so fun, this spin art where your picture spins as you add paint and glitter.  The kids loved it and we have all of their pictures matted, we need to frame them!

The Beach

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We live pretty close to the beach and it is nice.  It's just a few minutes away, just over the causeway.  The kids love it!

Maggie likes to dig and look for shells, but this time she enjoyed getting wet!

Hezekiah and Eli love the waves and the pull of the water on their legs as it swooshes back into the sea.

Do you like the last 4 pictures? Yeah, I took them!  I have a great teacher, my husband!

You should really come visit! :)

Eye Balls

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Eli, "Mommy, why can't we see ourselves?"

Me aka Mommy, "Well, Eli God put our eyes at the front of our head and we can just see forward not backward." (I thought that was a good answer). I went on to say,"You know Eli, you can see your reflection in a mirror."

Eli,"Mommy, if our eyes were stretchy then we could stretch our eyes balls out and then we could see ourselves."

Me aka Mommy, "Eli you are right. That would be pretty cool huh?"

Today's interaction with Maggie Beth and Eli:

Eli was coloring Maggie's babies on a piece of paper for her. She was loving that her brother was coloring with her and for her. We had just finished breakfast and getting ready for school. I told Maggie Beth it was time to go take bubbies to school and she started to cry. Eli says to her, "It's okay Maggie. When I get home from school I will color with you and when you get home with Mommy she will color with you too." He was patting her on the back reassuring her. Too cute.

Chuck E. Cheese?

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"Chuck E. Cheese -- Where a Kid can be a Kid!"  This is what PBS has on each commercial after Curious George.  My boys after seeing these commercials have LONGED to go to this place.  I am not sure I can even say the name anymore.  Seriously.

But this is where it all started at the egg machine.  The AH-inspiring need for tickets.

We got some tickets!

And then we went to this bouncy ball thing and Eli hit the Jack Pot!  We were all standing in amazement.  WOO HOO, 100 tickets!!! 

Now it has certainly been awhile since I have gone to Chuck E. Cheese (hmmmm)!

And back in the day, 100 tickets was a lot!  And so I am thinking all along!  "Wow, Eli is going to be able to get something really cool!"  Crack me up!  Just wait!!!

So we play some more games.  Parents are not watching their kids.  It is very loud, very crowded, I am tripping over people, trying to carry on a conversation with our friends, pretty much insanity.  The kids are having an awesome time.  Riding rides with Teletubbies, Bob the builder, Chucky himself.

Maggie Beth is saying to daddy, "Do I have to do it again, Teletubbies?  Huh?" No really she loved it!  And well we did have 60 tokens!  What was I thinking?

And then comes time to redeem your tickets!  Do any of you ever have trouble deciding what you want?  I mean it is a WALL of Toys (uhhh, sorry, junk!).  But to kids it is sparkling magic! 

So we look, look some more, look.  There is a huge line waiting to redeem the tickets.  We hmmm and haaaaa, and look.  What do we leave with?

Well that Jack Pot got us 2 crickets, 2 rubber snakes the size of a quarter, 2 plastic lady bugs, a Chuck E. Cheese paint it yourself picture, a Chuck E. Cheese glitter sticker, lollipops, and an airhead.  Yes, indeed we sure hit the jack pot. 


Hezekiah as we were leaving smiled at me and said, "Mommy, I want to have my next birthday at Chuck E. Cheese!" 

OH MY GOODNESS.......that is all I have to say!

Then the Rain Came

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We bought some ponchos prior to entering Sea World because we knew there was a possibility of rain.  So each of us had one, Maggie Beth is the only one we got a picture of though.  She is so cute!  She says, "Maggie's toot (cute)." 

We went to Shark encounter and when we came out it was pouring rain.  Those of you who do not know, Shark encounter is the farthest point from the entrance of Sea World.  Thankfully, we were leaving to meet some friends at Chuck E. Cheese.  Once we got to the parking lot I asked Page if he remembered where we parked.  Neither of us remembered to remember which parking row we were in.  You know we were too excited to "Have a Whale of a day!"  So I kid you not it was pouring and here is the poncho family with 2 strollers going up and down rows trying to find their vehicle.  Thankfully cars have their alarms on your key chain pad now-a-days because that  helps and it also helps when your husband is super tall and can see the luggage carrier on your car and can distinguish it amongst all the other car luggage carriers.  All I have to say is my man has some mad skills.  

Oh, it was funny.  Better yet we were not the only family who forgot which Jazzy Jellyfish row they were in.  

So you may ask yourself, "Well what can be better than getting soaking wet (the ponchos did help) at Sea World?"  Really, don't ask...........ahhhh you did!!!  Well, honestly it has to be taking your children to the most insane place on earth!!!  Yes, Chuck E. Cheese!  Let me just say, my eye and leg are still twitching from all the noise, lights, and of course children.

The Splash Pad

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We went to Sea World and we spent a lot of the day at the Splash Pad.  I am not sure who invented Splash Pads, but I LOVE THEM!  We were introduced first to a splash pad in Middletown, Ohio when we went to visit my parents a couple years ago.  This one at Sea World is a lot of you can see the expressions on my kiddos faces.

Maggie Beth loved the water guns. 

Yes, she is mischevious!