House of Blues -- Need to Breathe

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Last night Page and I got to go see my favorite band as of present........Need to Breathe.  They are like a mix of Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Soul, & a Christian band.  They pretty much rock!  We went to see them last year too at the House of Blues, in Orlando at Downtown Disney.   We had an awesome time.  Page took lots of video too, might have to post those as well!  What amazing talent these brothers and band have. 

Green Eggs & Ham Experiment

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Yesterday afternoon I did an experiment with the kids after reading Green Eggs and Ham.  

I colored some drinks, I found this activity on-line, 1st--water with sugar, 2nd -- Orange juice with blue food coloring to make it green, 3rd - Sprite with blue food coloring, 4th -- water with orange food coloring, and 5th -- water with salt and red food coloring.

Next, have the kids predict what they think the colored drink will taste like.  Have them take a taste and tell what it did taste like.  I made them all taste at the same time (with their color coordinated straws).

All drinks were liked except for the red salt water, which was immediately spit out.  Maggie Beth was a bit apprehensive in trying the drinks.   The boys though were all into it!

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Each week the kids have a Bible verse or verses to memorize.  The past two weeks we have been working on Psalm 121:1-2.  Enjoy.  Eli, was trying for the speed record for reciting his passage.  I figure if a three year old, Maggie Beth, can memorize scripture........all of us can!  That is pretty awesome.  I stand in awe of how Awesome our God is! 

Blue & Gold Banquet

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Tonight Hezekiah received his Wolf Cub Scout Badge at the Blue and Gold Banquet for his Den. 

We are really proud of him and his accomplishments. 

                      Hezekiah also received recognition for competing in the Pinewood Derby race. 

Here he is with some of the boys in his pack and his scout leader.

Dr. Seuss

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In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday, on March 2nd, we have been re-reading some of our favorites:  A Cat in a Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Later this week we plan on re-reading some others like Hop on Pop, A Wocket in my Pocket, and Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who.   

In honor of Dr. Seuss, we read a short Biography, and created some red and white Cat in the Hat.....hats, created the wise fish in the fish bowl and we also created our own One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish works of art.  Friday we are going to see The Lorax, the movie.   

I Love How Reading Spurs Investigation

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Hezekiah has been reading Greg's Microscope by Millicen Selsam.

I love how by just reading a story, how it spurs him and his brother to want to investigate.

After we finished his reading, he walked over and got our microscope out and started exploring on his own.

  He and Eli created their own slides to see what different items looked like magnified.

They even managed to get me to pull my hair out.

I am certainly pleased that they have the time to freely investigate the things that interest them. 

We Made Snowmen......the non-melting kind

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Last night before I headed off to teach I made cupcakes.  I was spent for time, so I think I was trying to re-enact an episode of Cup Cake Wars or something.  Anyhow, I got cupcakes out of the oven but did not have time to frost them for my class, so I just took them without frosting and frosted them while they were taking a test so they could then create their Mitosis cupcakes last night.

I had cupcake mix leftover, so I grabbed at what other tins I had in my cupboard and found snowman tins.

I am sure my mom sent those to me.  So, I thought we have heard of snow up North, but we have not had any so I thought, "I am going to make this batch as snowmen so the kids can build a snowman tomorrow."

So after lunch, I let them get out whatever leftover candies were around from the Valentine's Day parties and decorate their snowmen. 

The only snowman that did not survive entire consumption was the one directly above, being Hezekiah's.  He devoured his snowman.  There are however, snowman remains located in our kitchen......just not melted remains.....just half eaten remains. 

Maggie isms

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Things Maggie Beth has said as of late:

Tights are called Stripes.

She sings, "Daddy loves me this I know."

And she has cried for Grandma and Grandpa when she has to clean her room, "Mommy, maybe if you call Papa and Grandma maybe they will come and help me clean my room." 

Too cute, above she is actually saying to me, "I don't wanna picture Mommy!"

Flat Stanley's Visit to Florida

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My cousin's daughter, Maya, sent us a Flat Stanley in the mail.

He went Valentine's Day shopping with my family while I was at work.

He got to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Stanley got to experience Mt. Everest, the Kilamjaro River Rapids, the Triceratops Spin, Dinosaur, and the Finding Nemo Musical. 

Stanley even has a new pal......Mickey Mouse!

Yesterday we took Stanley to see the Atlantic Ocean.  He enjoyed looking for shells and building sand castles with Maggie Beth.

All in all, I think Flat Stanley had a grand time, he will be traveling back to Ohio with a few souvenirs. 

I was going to send him back with a t-shirt that said, "I went to Florida, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."  Instead I decided a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, Mickey Mouse ears, sunglasses, Bermuda shorts, and a shell were more appropriate. 

Thanks Maya, we are sending Flat Stanley back your way with pictures and souvenirs!