My baby's hair

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Oh, she is a girl alright. One who loves berets, bows, hair ties. She will wake up in the morning and if I wake her, her first words will be, "Daddy? Bubbies? Bow?" Which means her hair bow, she pats her head. My, she loves her girlie hair attire! It is adorable I think. I think what is so funny is that my poor mom had to tape bows to my head since when I was a wee one I hardly had hair and it was so light that you could not even see it. Well, after scrap-booking for about 3 hours today.........trying to catch up, I am a year behind, I looked at how this little one has grown hair this past year. Last year at this time she just had brownish black fuzz on that little head, now she has light brown curls with lovely highlights and "bows!" What a girl!

Maggie Beth on Christmas Morning

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Maggie Beth we let sleep in a little until the boys were finished with their Christmas presents. We got her up and she was funny, not too sure what these pretty packages were before her eyes, thankfully she has older brothers who are more than willing to show her the ropes......for it was not long ago that they too were not too sure what to do with those sparklely presents. She loved her stocking and was almost in amazement each time she pulled something new from it, she especially like the treats that she found inside and would tighten her little fingers around those sugary treats and bite through the wrappers. I guess she learned a thing or two from Trick or Treat that came in handy with her Christmas loot! She received some hair bows, aka berets and wore them proudly. Eli and Hezekiah enjoyed helping her look through her presents, I think they were reliving the experience through her.

Christmas Morning - Hezekiah & Page

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These are pictures of Hezekiah on Christmas morning. From the pictures you can tell he does not sit still, his excitement is more displayed by jumping running, tearing of wrapping paper and did I say movement? Ha ha ha! He is too funny. He woke us up at 7 a.m. He came into our room and said, "Mommy, Daddy, it's time for PRESENTS!!!!" Page got up and came out into the living room with him and he felt one of his presents and Page said he got so excited, "Daddy, Daddy, I, I think I know what this present is, it's what I have always wanted." Too funny. When it was time to open his presents he was a wild man!

Christmas Morning - Eli

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Here are some pictures of Eli opening his presents Christmas morning. He is just adorable, I love his excitement and joy that he expresses by smiling and waving his presents and arms everywhere. Such a peanut with a beautiful smile.  He is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  Really I believe cuddles would suffice as presents for this little one since that seems to be his love language. 


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Upon exiting the park we let the kids choose one toy each, with a price limit of course. Hezekiah chose a Buba Fett Potato Head, Eli a Goofy car, and Maggie Beth a Minnie Mouse. She chewed on Minnie all the way home. We left the park about 8, and got home around 9:30 ish. Everyone passed out on the car ride home except for Page and I, Santa was coming soon, so we had to get everything prepared for him and his reindeer.

Lights and Snow

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The most magical part for Hollywood studios was hands down for me at least, the lights and snow! It was so exciting, I truly felt like a little kid and just all giddy inside. The lights were everywhere down the Streets of America, the lights were beautiful and would move with the music. There was also snow falling, Hezekiah yells, "Mommy, it's snowing." Pure excitement! He was dancing in the streets, twirling, trying to catch the snow. Magpie danced to the music and Eli ran around playing in the falling snow too. The experience just perfect! As we were exiting the Osborne Spectacle of Lights, Hezekiah looks up at me and says, "Thank you God (that is how he starts his prayers), I mean, Mommy for such a great day!" All on his own, he offered thanks! Thank you Lord, that I got to spend this precious day with my sweet 6 year old boy. Thank you for making it really a truly wonderful day with our family! Thank you most of all for you, Lord, for your birth on Christmas Day! To You, we owe thanks!

Echo Lake - Star Wars

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Since the boys enjoy Star Wars so much, we thought Hezekiah would want to ride Star Wars, not the case. Poor kid was not interested in the ride, but did enjoy the speeders out side the ride and walking in the Ewok area. Eli rode Star Wars with Page, so Page got his Star Wars fix too. They have a huge At-At and we almost got in to be Padowan learners to battle Darth Vader, but we missed it by 2 people. We got to see Indiana Jones which the boys thought was really cool too!

Streets of America - Hollywood Studios

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At the Streets of America section in Hollywood Studios we watched the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt show which was loud, action-packed, and thrilling. The boys would yell, cover their eyes, gasp with their mouths wide open and say, "That was sooooo cool!" Page loved this one! It was totally for boys! Maggie Beth slept through it, crack me up, it was the loudest thing ever. We also went to Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and the first time I came to Hollywood studios I was on a spring break mission trip to Clearwater, Florida. Anyhow, I remember thinking that this set was so amazing I told the boys about it and of course it has changed a lot since then but the kids had a wonderful time playing on the large ant, the film canister, the plants. I think we might just need to rent that movie now so they can watch it. We also saw the Muppet Vision 3-D and told the boys that when mommy and daddy were kids that we would watch the Muppets all the time. It was fun to share some of our childhood memories with our kids.

Hezekiah's 6th Birthday at Disney Hollywood Studios

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Six years ago on December 24th, I received my most precious Christmas present, my first child, Hezekiah Page Phelps. This young man is amazing, silly, fun-loving, tall, tender-hearted, and a thrill seeker. I absolutely love this little fellow and am proud to be his Mama. We celebrated "his" day by taking him to Disney Hollywood Studios, for a six year old this I believe is purely magical, but it was magical for mommy too. We had an Incredible day as a family and I will cherish this day in my heart forever, we also got to do everything that we wanted to do, which too is incredible and our only wait was 30 minutes! There are so many pictures to share it was difficult to choose, so I am going to post by the "areas" in the park. These pictures are from the main entrance and the Animation Courtyard. The boys loved Toy Story, we went on that twice, and we enjoyed watching Playhouse Disney. Maggie Beth enjoyed Playhouse Disney the best, she was so adorable dancing, clapping, and trying to get the bubbles. However, Hezekiah was shaking it too. I have always enjoyed the animation area and Eli loves to color so that was really neat for him to watch and play. We also had our picture taken with Mickey. For some reason I think it is a must if you go to Disney to have your photo taken with Mickey, if not I think it is highway robbery! Since we live only an hour and 15 minutes from Disney you might think we go all the time, no true. We know many families that have passes and go a lot, but we don't so it really is an exciting time for us which I want it to be for our kids and not to take it for granted because I know sooo many families who save up for the "experience" especially those who live out of state. Anyhow, I am contemplating a weekday pass which is less expensive........hmmmm decisions decisions, will that then allow them to take Disney for granted???

Mickey and Minne 6th Birthday Party

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The Mickey/Minnie Party was fabulous! Hezekiah and Mosely and the crew seemed to have a blast, not only did Hezekiah receive a Mickey Mouse, Mosely received a Minnie Mouse too. They loved their cakes and the cakes were and still are super delicious. We also did a candy hunt with their stockings out in the backyard. It was so fun to celebrate becoming a 6 year old. We are thankful to have friends with a bunch of kids so when you have a party you really have a party, since we had a total of 9 kids! Too funny!  I asked Hezekiah what his favorite part was about his party and he said, "I liked going to the park, my presents, and (smiling) my cake!"  Happy Birthday my sweet Hezekiah!