Disney World Parkhopper

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 After a morning smelling the roses, we park hopped over to Disney World via the monorail.   We had some roller coasters to ride, Space Mountain and Big Thunder.

 Oh, I love that dimple! 
 Our kids made some long distance phone calls to other planets while I went to find some water. 
 Maggie Beth's eyes crack me up!!!

 The kids had time off school but we did find this cool treasure.  Eli had just finished the Lewis and Clark expedition and he found this fossilized Mastodon tooth that was from the expedition and given to President Thomas Jefferson. 

Epcot - Flower and Garden Festival

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 Yesterday morning I found myself telling my ten year old, "You better not be so sure about that!"  As he said his and Magpie's car design was better than Eli's.   Eli's car that he created out performed Hezekiah's,  Maggie's, and Page's.   See, I was racing with Eli and Page was with the other two from our crew of 5.  

 But no matter who out-performed who, fun was had.  And when I saw the picture above, it kind of freaked me out.  That one day this will be a reality.  Two teenage boys in a car, one driving, the other a passenger.  Oh, how my heart will leave me.  I found myself thankful, that they are still young. 

 Since my resident photographer was with me, he captured some beautiful sights from the Flower and Garden Festival.  It was a lot of fun to walk around checking out the flowers and displays. 

NOAA Weather Station - Melbourne

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 This evening we went on a tour of the NOAA weather station in Melbourne, FL.  

A Meteorologist, gave a presentation on the work they do at the weather center, showed us the equipment outside and the computers they use inside to help predict the weather and give weather advisories. 

 Above the meteorologist showed us the rain gauges that are used on the property, one used a drip pan. 
Below, she showed us the various tools they use on the computers that use data from satellites to help predict the weather. 
The doppler radar is pictured above, which has a dish inside that sends out signals to bounce off moisture, clouds, smoke, and flocks of birds to indicate where rain or objects are in the region. 

Roar - Basketball

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 A glimpse of our morning.  

Basketball with ROAR sports at Covenant Presbyterian.  This was Maggie's first time playing and the boys second season!  They did great!  So cute!!!