On our way to South Carolina

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On our way to South Carolina to visit with my old roomie, we  stopped in at this antique store. 
It was really cool both on the outside and on the inside.  Lots of treasures. 

When we got to South Carolina we hung out with our friends.  Lacey, my roommate from Cumberland, has been blessed with 6 kids and they are adorable.  The kids enjoyed all the swings, ropes, the dogs, the goats, checking out the chickens (practically a farm) and the zip line
 (not pictured here). 

 These little goats are so adorable.  Maggie helped Piper feed the goats with the little bottles. 

 Eli enjoyed the ropes and zipline.  I asked him what was his favorite part of vacation and he said, "Tubing and the Keigley's house!"  Ha! 

Hezekiah schooled Otto and Piper and Mosely in all things Bigfoot early the next morning.  I was just praying these kiddos would go to sleep well for their mommy that night. 
 Thanks Lacey and kiddos for letting us stay the night at your revolving door hotel!  Oh, and we got to meet Riley's little guy Maddox.....who is absolutely adorable.  Thanks guys!

Downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia - Animals we saw at the cabin

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In downtown Blue Ridge,  we found some Bigfoot adventure packages and also a Bigfoot action figure, totally appropriate for Hezekiah. 

 From our cabin balcony we saw deer and a couple foxes. 

 One morning there was a spirited Monopoly game being played by these three.

Horseshoe Park, Toccoa River

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This bridge, and the pictures it gave us.  

After we rode the train and went tubing twice we ended up driving down to the bridge and playing at Horseshoe park where Toccoa River Adventures dropped us off to go tubing.  I had to get a family shot in front of the bridge.  This bridge seemed to have some type of unifying theme to this vacation, so pictures I wanted.  
And I am glad we got these pictures. 
 Here are some shots of the kids in the river playing at the park.  
I love their interactions. 

 Maggie made mud pies, we skipped rocks, and Page and Hezekiah searched for crayfish.  Eli found snails, lots of snails.