Alternative to Halloween

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This evening we went to our favorite alternative for Halloween.  It is where we go to Homeschool fellowship, Central Baptist.

They have the cutest little Bible Story games for the kids to play.  We have been going to it for years and it is just sweet and quaint.

Very family friendly and low stress.  I was kind of sad because this year I actually had to work, so I was so thankful that I was able to got with Page and the kids for a good while before I had to head off to lab.  They had a great time as usual playing the games and jumping in the jump house.  Thank you Central Baptist for doing a wonderful alternative to Halloween in our neighborhood. 

Trunk or Treat Round 1

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Last night we took the kids over to a nearby church to do a little Trunk or Treating it is the First Nazarene church across from Florida Tech. 

We are going to go out again this evening at our favorite Trunk or Treat at Central Baptist.  

The kids chose to be a Storm Trooper, Snow White, and Bat Man. 

This evening I think the boys have chose different costumes.

Maggie Beth got some Charlie Brown. 

Crack me up!

We invited some friends to join us!  Thanks Mugge's!

The girls were famous princesses.........too funny.

Pokemon Pumpkin

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Our rainy Saturday morning was spent creating our Pokemon Pumpkin.  It's name, the Pokemon character, is Haunter. 

Page always has the privilege of carving the pumpkin.  Hezekiah and Eli (our extreme Pokemon crazed child) choose the face of our pumpkin.

Perhaps Page enjoys the task of carving a little too much.........he looks a little crazy with that knife.......uh....scarey!

And with pumpkin guts there were bubbles!

Random Post

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Plans, you make them and then sometimes the plans do not work out as you predicted. 

I had plans today to take my 3 kids over to Magic Kingdom.  I was going to be brave and take them all by myself. 

But I started having a sore throat last night and woke up and it was worse.  So those plans flew out the window.

So, the Great Pumpkin won out and so did random 3-D art.  I believe Maggie Beth has been studying her brother Eli's works since hers looks similar to his 3-D works.

Maggie's paper is the green paper & Eli's white.  Lots of glue was consumed during the creations.

Hezekiah, must have known that I was a bit sad, because he made me a Soarin' pass.  He said, "Mommy, do you think this will get us on Soarin'?" 

So sweet. 

Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty found........swinging in our backyard.

Sleeping Beauty found............sleeping in her bed with her costume on.

Sleeping Beauty..............for a princess has not had such nice words to share lately.

Certainly not acting like a princess, but there is hope. 

Tonight, after getting in trouble for not having nice words in a sobbing cry, she says, "I am sorry Mommy.  I guess I just need to learn God's Words better."

There is hope for three year olds!  RIGHT???


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This morning Hezekiah's science lab was all about his skin.  How it stretches and how it heals itself with the clotting of the blood.  How your body cools itself with sweat.  He and Eli also examined their fingerprints.  They liked seeing how each of their fingers, their thumbs, and their pinkies were different from each others.  They are certainly fearfully and wonderfully made!  It is is such a blessing to be able to share how uniquely God created them with them.  To say, "Hezekiah, Eli, God made you very special and amazing!"  Oh, and the caterpillar on his arm gets smaller when he folds his arm in and bigger when he display his stretchy skin!  And yes, the caterpillar is still there.