Fort Wilderness & Downtown Disney Celebration

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Choosing the photos to put on the blog from our celebration has been hard.
So I thought I would share some more.
These are taken at downtown Disney at the Splash pads.

 The cuties on the bus, on our travels from Ft. Wilderness to Downtown Disney and our return.

 Lacey made a delicious chocolate, chocolate cake in the shape of a forty for my birthday!  It was delicious, we did not have any plates so we all just dug in and shared! 
 Here is Raven with a mouthful of cake!

 I could not help but get a picture of Lacey, Beth, and my mini me's!  Crack me up, I love Baylee's attitude!
 After spending our afternoon at the pool, kids playing games and chit-chatting we came back had dinner and then Lacey had a marshmallow/toothpick building activity for the kids.  They made some awesome creations!

 That evening we spent roasting marshmallows at the fire pits, with the movie Brave and Chip and Dale.
Beth, Lacey, and I went to the beach to watch the fireworks while the kids finished the movie with Page and Kevin. 

Ahh, I loved making memories with my precious friends and their families!!!  My kids are already asking when we are getting together again with the Murphy's and Keigley's!  Thanks for sharing my birthday with me!!!

Forty at Fort Wilderness

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 A tradition, maybe? 
 Celebrating our decades together.  
We celebrated 20, in college.  The decade of 20 for me was college, grad school, and marriage.  Then came our 30's, we all celebrated in the States we lived, journeyed to those States to be together.  The 30 decade brought along the age of children for me......young children.  Now, our 40's!  Ahhhh, I love that I get to celebrate with these two beautiful ladies and their adorable families, who love God, and are amazing moms!!!  They are just awesome friends to drive this long, so long drive to the South!  I love them!!! 
May the Lord continue to bless us and give us long, healthy, happy, holy lives! 
 Here is the crazy crew! 

The nickname given to me during our years at Cumberland was G!  How appropriate! 
 I am thankful, super thankful for these ladies and their influence in my life! 

Forty at Fort Wilderness

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Friday morning we headed over to Fort Wilderness to begin the celebratory weekend of  my 40th birthday!  I figured I might as well celebrate it Disney style with some kids of course!!! 
So Page, the kids, and I with Beth and her girls set up camp, cruised on the golf cart to the pool, hung out by the pool while the kids played games, and then we went to the campfire sing-a-long with Chip and Dale. We then began watching Oz, The Great and Powerful, when our other friend with her family got in from S.C.   So we went to greet them from their long journey! 

 Above is a peanut butter pie, from a local baker in downtown Eau Gallie, the pie is amazing!
My favorite.  Page had snuck it in our home the night before our trip!  I was happy to put it in our cooler for travel. 

A Visit with A Sweet Friend

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A dear, sweet, friend drove down a bit early this week to visit prior to my 40 family/friend get-a-way weekend celebration.  She drove from KY, a State where we met some 22 years ago.  An age of silly college days, of Fright Night with the Beth Babes, of evenings studying at the library (for our Old Testament class  -- I know we were not really there to study), of BSU drama, of Blue and White Trailer days, and many road trips in her VW up to Ohio, with many other wonderful memories.  
We recently celebrated her 40th in Asheville, N.C.  and our other friend's 40th in Charleston, S.C., so was my turn!  
We enjoyed some time chatting at the beach with her beautiful girls and my crazy crew! 

 We got to see the Harvest Moon rise while having some ice cream. 

 And the kids had some time in the sand and water. 

Guess Who Has Finished 100 Easy Lessons?

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 We started these 100 Easy Lessons when Maggie Beth turned around 4 1/2.  And well she officially finished her lessons and she is reading!  It is amazing!  I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to teach my children to read.  I figure if you can can learn anything!  So my three kids have gone through this book.  I think what Maggie Beth looked forward to during each lesson was guessing what was going to be in the picture at the end of each lesson.  For each kid, I always covered the picture and had them guess from what they read what was going to be in the picture (b/c you are suppose to).  And Maggie Beth as well as the boys, loved guessing what was in the picture.  I really enjoyed Maggie's little giggles at the stories.  It has been a blessing, my sweet........I pray the enjoyment of reading will follow you the rest of your life!!! 
The reward for finishing this book has been choosing your dinner.  Maggie Beth's choice was cheese sticks and a milkshake.  Umm, I do not call this dinner, personally.  This is not a normal dinner at my home, but that is what she wanted as her reward.  So, that is what she got!   Maybe I have this all wrong, personally, I was gunning for Olive Garden..........maybe the person teaching should choose the reward!