Guess Who Has Finished 100 Easy Lessons?

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 6:39 PM

 We started these 100 Easy Lessons when Maggie Beth turned around 4 1/2.  And well she officially finished her lessons and she is reading!  It is amazing!  I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to teach my children to read.  I figure if you can can learn anything!  So my three kids have gone through this book.  I think what Maggie Beth looked forward to during each lesson was guessing what was going to be in the picture at the end of each lesson.  For each kid, I always covered the picture and had them guess from what they read what was going to be in the picture (b/c you are suppose to).  And Maggie Beth as well as the boys, loved guessing what was in the picture.  I really enjoyed Maggie's little giggles at the stories.  It has been a blessing, my sweet........I pray the enjoyment of reading will follow you the rest of your life!!! 
The reward for finishing this book has been choosing your dinner.  Maggie Beth's choice was cheese sticks and a milkshake.  Umm, I do not call this dinner, personally.  This is not a normal dinner at my home, but that is what she wanted as her reward.  So, that is what she got!   Maybe I have this all wrong, personally, I was gunning for Olive Garden..........maybe the person teaching should choose the reward!


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