Cute Pictures of Friends at Maggie Beth's Party

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, May 29, 2009 at 11:41 AM

Well, I thought these were some cute pictures of little friends at
Maggie Beth's party and well I am not good at making people disks of
pictures so maybe if they like them then they can download it somehow.
They were just too cute not to share. You will know if it is your kid,
so I am not going to put all the names in...........really just a ploy
to get you to visit my blog. Not really! Enjoy..........they are cutie

Curls, Standing, Swimming

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 6:30 PM

Little Maggie Beth has sweet little curls in her hair and we love them.
She is standing more and more by herself but not yet walking on her
own. She enjoys using her little walking cart as she goes back and
forth across the living room. The kids have also been enjoying swimming
out back. We also went to Fee Avenue pool yesterday for Memorial day,
we had a blast. Enjoy! Summer is in full swing here. Hezekiah's last
day of school was last Thursday so we are keeping busy, tomorrow our big
plan is to make cookies!

Maggie Beth's Chair

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, May 18, 2009 at 11:31 AM

We got Maggie Beth a chair for her birthday since she has been getting
up in her brothers chairs and sitting in them so proudly. She cracks me
up how she is getting so independent and so proud of herself at any new
feat she accomplishes. It is really too cute. She also got a tea set
from a friend for her birthday, she has really been enjoying dancing to
the music it plays. I love how she smiles. Enjoy!

Maggie Beth's Birthday Party

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We had Maggie Beth's birthday party this past Saturday. She enjoyed her
cupcake again and enjoyed opening her presents. She is so cute. She
enjoyed being held by so many friends. Thanks to everyone who was able
to come and celebrate our first year with our sweet baby girl!

Happy Birthday to Maggie Beth!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 6:28 PM

Maggie Beth turned 1 today! I really cannot believe that she is one
already! She is growing up so fast. I love the way she reaches her
hand out and curls her fingers up these days when she wants something,
like a "Please give me that" sign. She is such a sweet baby girl and
God has truly blessed us. She is my serious child, but it was super
impressive to watch her dig into the cupcake because the boys when they
were 1 had no desire to even have much icing. She really enjoyed
playing in her food............which I really should not have been too
surprised because she loves sitting in the grass and dirt outside and
does not mind being barefoot outside either. Where the boys were total
opposites there. It is so neat to see her little personality and her
little wispy hairs. She is such a precious gift from God and I praise
the Lord that she is one today!

Hezekiah's School Program

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 10:23 AM

This morning Hezekiah had his end of the year school program. He still
has classes through next Thursday, but they sang their songs and were
presented with their class certificates. He did really well singing and
doing the motions to the songs. He is a funny little guy, he made us
laugh a lot.

Car Wash

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Here are our pictures of the kids helping wash the car the other morning.

Conversations with Eli

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At dinner last night, Eli was telling me what he remembers from when he was a little baby. The conversation went a bit like this.  Eli says, "Mommy, you know when I was a baby I saw a statue of a ant at the circus." I say, "You did, well I do not remember that."  Eli says, "Yes, mommy and I saw statues of a bumble bee and also of a spider at the circus." I said, "Eli, I really do not know how you remember this because we have never been to the circus."  Eli said, "Well, I remember it Mommy." Eli also said, "Mommy, when I was a little baby I use to eat French fried oranges. Can I have some of those?" I said, "Well, Eli they do not make French fried oranges, but I guess we could make a new recipe."  I also proceeded to tell him how stinking adorable he is. I love the conversations that I have with my 3 1/2 year old.