She Cracks Me Up!

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The other day we were at the library so the kids could get their book bucks for reading during the summer.  When it was Maggie's turn she told the librarian about The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.  
Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit get in trouble for going to Mr. McGregor's field to retrieve Peter's clothes from the scarecrow, but Benjamin's mom and dad did not know where they were.   The librarian then told a tale about when she was little and how she too got in trouble for not telling her grandma where she was going.  Maggie Beth responds with hands moving and eyes rolling, "Well, you could have wrote a note telling her that you went to the middle of no where."  The librarian just started laughing so hard, and so did I.

We also have been doing her reading lessons and she read to me about a bug trying to get across a lake and an eagle came and asked the bug if it needed a ride.  So at the end I was asking Maggie some questions and I asked her, "Maggie, if you needed to go across the lake would you want an eagle to help you get across?"  Maggie said, "No, I would ask a hippo to take me across, and I would ride on his back."   Personally, I would have never have thought of a hippo to help me..........she is so funny!

Solar Oven S'mores

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This morning solar ovens were created and s'mores were made and eaten. 

Growing up.......

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Hmmm, not sure if these are rights of passage, but they are certainly signs of growing up........
This past weekend we realized that someone was now too tall to enter the IKEA play area, over 54 inches.....your not allowed......instead a complimentary ice cream was issued.

We realized that, that same someone also measures a young mans 7 1/2 shoe size......

My little man is getting bigger.....I cannot stop him from growing, but heart ached a bit for him.
He asked me, "Mommy, when will I ever get to go in a pool of balls again?"
I said, "Well, Hezekiah, I remember when I was an adult at a McDonalds once and I went in a big ball pit will do it again."
So that same evening I found on Pinterest a kids pool filled with those balls.  So, you know what I am going to do......just that......


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Smells good this morning.......a combination of scents selected by my 3: eucalyptus, tangerine, grapefruit, vanilla, peppermint......just to name a few.

Colors selected: red, yellow, green and blue. 
Glycerine heated, cocoa butter added, scents and color all stirred together with some help from me.

Soaps pored into molds.  

Now we have this beautiful assortment of soaps in the kids bathroom!  
I may just need to remember this for future gifts. 

Sebastian Inlet

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After the turtle release this morning we went to Sebastian Inlet since it was just a mile away from the release sight.   We left our house this morning at 6:30 a.m. and we got to the Inlet after the release at 8 and stayed for 2 1/2 hours.  It truly is amazing to me that it is only a bit after noon, right now.  Crack me up!  Now I know how my hubby feels each day getting up so early.  

Loggerhead Turtle Release

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Early in the morning
when the sun begins to rise,
we awoke and  drove to the shore
to help release 28 Loggerheads.  
They traveled all the way from Galveston, Texas.
The turtles were in the back of that Budget truck. 

Hezekiah, Eli, and Maggie all got to hold onto the side of the turtles little container.
Hezekiah was the only one of my 3 who wanted to walk all the way in the water to release the turtle.
It was really cool, to go, see, and help. 

Above you can see above Hezekiah's head the turtle swimming at last! 

3-D Art - Eli and Hezekiah

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Eli and Hezekiah also attended art camp this week.  
Their camp was 3-D art.
They absolutely LOVED it and learned a lot of different techniques.
Above is some of their work.  

My accomplishment this week:  I chauffeured these 3 kids to Foosaner Art Camp.  

Egyptian Art - Maggie Beth

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Here is my little Egyptian girl.
She learned to Walk Like an Egyptian this week.  
Not you remember the Bangles?  
Yeah, that song was playing as we entered and exited Art Camp this week.
Too funny.  
She had a blast!  
She made a pyramid and the Nile river with a crocodile!
She also did some hieroglyphics, it is her name.
I particularly loved her bracelets, necklace, and mask she made.  

The Pottery Museum

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The other occupation Eli got to discover a bit more of was being a potter.
That is on his list, of jobs when he grows up.
There was a museum with the whole history of pottery in Georgia, with the earthen wares.
It went into how they created all of the glazes out of different materials to get the various colors.
Most of the pottery from this area done by the Meaders family had a dark green color to it due to the iron content of the glaze.  
The pots and faces and churns were beautiful.  

Duke's Mining

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Maggie Beth "REALLY" enjoyed the gem mining.
She got a whole bucket to herself.
She just kept digging in the dirt and sifting to find gems.
I told Page that we need to build one of these in the backyard, get some sand and place some "gems" inside the sand and we will have our own little flume to sift gems.  

Dukes Creek Falls

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Dukes Creek Falls is a trek in of 1.1 miles. 
 The trek in is not is all downhill.
The trek back is not that bad either, but it is 1.1 in return but all uphill.
 I was proud of our kids, they did really well, I think the only thing I heard was I am getting hungry and my legs are getting tired. 
Florida kids are not use to hills.

On our trek in we were not too sure which way to go...the markers were umm.......not very good.
So we just guessed.......go toward the sound of rushing water...

We made it, it was worth the hike..........beautiful!  We also found some cool caterpillars and a huge frog!