She Cracks Me Up!

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 11:42 AM

The other day we were at the library so the kids could get their book bucks for reading during the summer.  When it was Maggie's turn she told the librarian about The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.  
Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit get in trouble for going to Mr. McGregor's field to retrieve Peter's clothes from the scarecrow, but Benjamin's mom and dad did not know where they were.   The librarian then told a tale about when she was little and how she too got in trouble for not telling her grandma where she was going.  Maggie Beth responds with hands moving and eyes rolling, "Well, you could have wrote a note telling her that you went to the middle of no where."  The librarian just started laughing so hard, and so did I.

We also have been doing her reading lessons and she read to me about a bug trying to get across a lake and an eagle came and asked the bug if it needed a ride.  So at the end I was asking Maggie some questions and I asked her, "Maggie, if you needed to go across the lake would you want an eagle to help you get across?"  Maggie said, "No, I would ask a hippo to take me across, and I would ride on his back."   Personally, I would have never have thought of a hippo to help me..........she is so funny!


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