Annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2013

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This has become an annual event here at our home!  
I think it is the 5th year we have done the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
I am not sure, I need to go back and see in my pictures/blogs.
It was the Phelps Theater, with 24 kids and 3 babies?
 Not sure how many were here really!  But it was a lot!
I forget how many mommas!
But we gathered in our living room to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and then had our feast outside.  
The weather was glorious! 
Thanks friends for taking time to celebrate and give thanks!

Oh, I just love these little Indians, Pilgrims, and Turkeys! 

CHSF Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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The table was set, prepared, a welcoming sight to our homeschoolers!

 We shared something we, our family, does every year with our homeschool group.  And that would be our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We will be doing it next Wednesday at our home with guests.  But I thought it would be fun to share a tradition with our homeschool group.  Last week the kids created the decorations for the tables, today we decorated the tables.  
They did a fabulous job! 
 Since it has been monsoon season the last two days, our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving had to be inside, even though I think it is more dramatic outside!  
So my three little Indians and the Haskell girls helped set it up inside!  They were such fabulous helpers!

 The kids drew what they were thankful for, we read a book called A Child's Story of Thanksgiving, by Laura J. Rader.  Then we watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast. 

 Jelly beans, toast, pretzels, popcorn, and jello! 

I had fun, I hope the kids did too and it will be something they will remember and be thankful for!

Bulow Sugar Plantation near Tomoka Springs State Park

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 We visited the Bulow Sugar Plantation near Tomoka Springs State Park during our camping trip.  This plantation was burned down by the Seminole Indians during the II Seminole war.  These are the ruins of the plantation.   At each station it tells how the sugar cane was harvested and collected.  It was really interesting.  The ruins were beautiful.

Tomoka Camping Trip

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 During our camping trip Maggie caught a catfish.  This is how close she would get to it!  Crack me up!

 Tomoka Springs is home to the statue of Chief Tomokie.  A image to stand for the Timucua Indians and the Nocoroco Village.  Here the kids also saw how Indigo was made.  

The kids with the statue of Chief Tomokie.