Guess Who's Coming? - Owl Cake

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Pizza Gallery Tour

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As the chefs/artists awaited the cooking of their creations, they created chef hats.

And then dug into their pizzas!

Pizza Gallery Tour

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This morning we did a behind the scenes tour of the Pizza Gallery.

The kids got to check out the kitchen, meet the chefs, and create their own pizza.

My Olympians

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With the Olympics just a few days away. 

We got our medals on, our torches lit, and our olive leave crowns ready!  

Team U.S.A.


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The next couple weeks the kids will be doing swimming lessons. 

Maggie Beth is working on swimming on her own, she has the basics down especially where she can she will be working on the basics where she cannot touch and getting back to the side on her own.  These are my goals for her.

The boys will be working more on stroke refinement for breathing on the side while doing freestyle, and stroke refinement for backstroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and maybe some butterfly.  Their teacher said she would also start teaching them to dive too.  Hoping soon they will want to take part in swim team!!! 


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This weekend Page got to relive his boyhood.

Helping the boys launch rockets at boy scouts.

Sometime last week in the busyness of Art camp and VBS, Page and the boys found time to put together the rockets.

Even early Saturday morning Eli was up putting decals on his pirate rocket.

Cuban Day Dreams - Dionel Delgado: an art museum visit

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Eli and Maggie Beth visited the art museum with their art camp and they got to see this exhibit on Monday.

Today after we dropped them off at camp, Hezekiah and I went to see these amazing paintings done by Dionel Delgado.

There are two exhibits one called Cuban Day Dreams and the other is Shared Vision which are photographs of Cuba done by 4 different photographers. 

Above was my favorite of the exhibit.

Hezekiah's favorite was the one of Time's Square.

All of them were amazing and so were the photographs.  If you get a chance you should go, and it is free admission on Thursdays.