Well, I think you are pretty!

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Have you seen Snoodlerella?
Yes, it is a kids show. 
Snoodlerella is well not happy with her looks, braces, glasses, uncontrollable hair. 
Snoodlerella, just feeling not so pretty. 
You know one of those days. 
As we were watching Snoodlerella, my sweet Magpie says to Snoodlerella, "Well, I think you are pretty!"
And oh, Magpie she is!
I wonder if Maggie already had seen a glimpse into her heart? 
Sometimes I think kids get it more so than us adults/teens/whatever the age.
It is not really what is on the outside that counts my sweet girl, it is what is on the inside love bug.
I pray that you will always remember that when you seek friends, and especially when you seek God, that He created you beautiful inside and out.
I Samuel 16:7 For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart. 

What is your Vote? Yes or No?

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This is what occurs while I am teaching Biology at the Community College on Monday nights.

Our daughter, dressed in a wetsuit/swimsuit with life jacket sort of type thingy-ma-jig, goes on errands to the library and to the grocery store.  Whose choosing of swim attire?  Yes, hers.

Questions asked by on-lookers, to her father, my husband, who allowed her to go ahead and wear above outfit. 

Librarian, "So did you just go swimming?" 

Cashier, "Did you just have swim lessons? Did you dress yourself? Or are you just highly accident prone?"  Crack me up.........I like the last statement by the cashier.  Too funny! 

So the question is............should I still allow my husband to take our kids out in public?

Crack me up!  Please vote! 

International Posters & Self Portrait in Clay

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The kids presented their countries today at International Day for homeschool fellowship.

At the beginning of the school year Hezekiah chose Norway, since he was studying Vikings. 

Eli chose Japan, since Pokemon is made in Japan.  

Pictures were printed in September. 

But not til December did they glue them on poster board, and then glue them onto their display boards.

Since the boys had a country and were creating posters, someone else needed in on the action.

That individual being Maggie Beth, so she chose Mexico and so I helped her print out pictures, cut and paste them onto her poster. 

We talked a lot about the letters that make up the word Mexico and how to say hello and good-bye in Spanish.

They did a fabulous job and so did the other children.  They are so adorable!

Eli also created a self portrait of himself in clay today in his art class. 

He did awesome, I was so impressed!  

Eli said, "I love clay!"


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This week with our Homeschool Fellowship we are having an International Day.

Hezekiah picked Norway.  Eli picked Japan.  Maggie Beth choose Mexico.

We did some research on the internet for easy, kid friendly recipes.

We found Kringla from Norway.

After much debate on what to make for Japan, Eli decided rice would work best, because everything else looked "gross!"

Crack me up.

And Maggie decided tacos and chips with salsa would be her food items.  I limited it to just chips and salsa (you know to make life easier). 

So today, we made Kringla.  The boys helped put all the ingredients into BIG RED, my Kitchen Aide mixer (thanks to my mommy).

And then after refrigeration, they rolled out the dough and made them into a pretzel shape as displayed by the recipe.

They turned out pretty good.  Not too sweet, like I like my sweets, but they are edible!


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Eli likes to play in the dirt.  Remember "Mud Balling" just a few days ago?

Well, he is the one I can always find with the hose and dirt and hence mud.

Page was taking Hezekiah and Maggie to the store the other night, and Eli and I had some time together.  He wanted to play in the dirt and make a little hill for his matchbox car. 

I suggested he find a little cup and we could make volcanoes. 

He was pumped.

So, he created his little hill of dirt with the cup inside, and I went and got baking soda and vinegar to let him play volcano eruption!

He had a blast, but definitely needed a bath afterward.  He pretty much smelled of vinegar and well, was pretty muddy too!

LEGO Club, Archaeology, & Mixed Media

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Whew!  What a day!

First LEGO Club.

Then an archaeological dig with a chocolate chip cookie.  They were to excavate their chocolate chips without damaging the cookie.  Eli was very methodical he found 24 chips on the top and bottom, Hezekiah ate each chocolate chip that he excavated (so we are not too sure the total of chocolate chips, he "claims" there were 84........mmmmm, hmmmm), Maggie Beth made a lot of dust AKA crumbs, therefore damage; and then she could not wait anymore and fell into temptation.  But then again, she is 3.  It was fun and very educational thanks to the Florida Public Archaeology Network and Central Homeschool fellowship.  

Our day ended with Mixed Media for Eli at the Foosaner Art Institute. 

He created a clay face, he said next week they get to paint them.

We finished our evening with a friend from Page's work coming over with his son to eat pizza and help them create their pinewood derby car. 

Yep, I am happy to say..........kids are in bed. 

A Typical Morning?

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A Typical Morning?

Not sure if there is such a thing in this house.

But this is our morning of schooling and playing.

Archery stemming from our reading of Robin Hood.

History of Nebuchanezzar going insane and eating grass.

Making of a weather vane and determining the speed of the wind.

And mud-balling. 

Eli Time & Maggie Mirrors

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Maggie Beth has a new full length mirror in her room.
Dress up is definitely going to be more exciting.
I am sure if I was as cute as she is, I too would stand & just look at myself in the mirror.

This past weekend I also got to spend some time with Eli. 
Page and I have started that each kiddo gets to go with us once a month somewhere of their choosing.
So Page had December, so I have January and I was maybe just as excited as Eli was to go spend some one on one time!  He is such a button.
Guess where he choose?
Toys R Us and Cold Stone Creamery.
We had an awesome time. 
It was nice to just be able to concentrate and listen to what he had to say.  

Hezekiah - Scouts

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Hezekiah created a couple cars last week in and out of Boy Scouts.
He and his den created the red and white racing car and he also created his pinewood derby car that he gets to race at the beginning of February.  He picked a design and cut it out with me and then Page helped him with the rest.
I just love the picture above of all those little boys in the swarm of blue and gold. 
Oh, too cute! 
Their pack does some really cute things at their meetings.  

And he has an awesome time.

Guess who woke me up this morning?

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Two of my children are often awake before me each morning. 

They merrily play in their room until I am ready to start the day.

One little one a lot of times comes and gets in bed with me in the morning and cuddles with her babies and me!

This morning Robin Hood bounced into my room, with hat and all.

Some busy hands were creating a hat this morning with a red feather.

Hezekiah, in my room says, "Look Mommy, I am Robin Hood." 

I looked but since I do not wear my contacts to sleep and my glasses were missing, I said, "Oh?  Really?" 

Hezekiah, "Yep, see my hat?"

Me, "No.....I do not have my glasses on."

Hezekiah gets my glasses for me and low and behold it is a Robin Hood hat. 
I certainly must have been smack dab in the middle of Sherwood Forest.

Hezekiah said, "Eli is Little John, but he is in the other room."

I thought it was absolutely adorable all taped to his little 8 year old head.

I love how my children pretend play.  They are so cute and I love the innocence. 

Oh, so sweet, play little one play and keep pretending.......that imagination is priceless! 

(We had read Robin Hood before Christmas break......and finally borrowed a copy of the Disney version from the library yesterday).


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Here is a picture of some of the mini-land of LEGOES. 

Above is Times Square, which was neat to show the kids since we just finished The Cricket in Times Square.

All of the buildings and cars were made of LEGOES.  It was pretty amazing!