Art Camp

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Eli's art work above.

Maggie Beth's art work below.

This week 2 of my 3 are at art camp in the morning. 

It is a weird week for me, I am use to having the kids with me in the mornings for the most part, and really the whole day. 

So Hezekiah has been getting some one on one time, so this morning I had him help me wash the car.

Also, our church is having VBS in the evening and the kids are going to that.  So for this mom who teaches her kids at home, this is a rarity....time alone at her own home for 2 hours in an evening.  I honestly do not remember a time really of being home in my house with out a child running around. 

Strange it is, but a real treat too!  

So if you have the blessing of being in your home alone at times like maybe when your kids are at school...........I am happy for you........will you be happy for me at least for this one week?  :) 

And that's reality!


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