Blue Ridge. GA train ride to TN

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 11:06 AM

While in Blue Ridge, Georgia we took a train ride to McCaysville, Tennessee.  The train ride is an hour to McCaysville, where you spend two hours in the town (which really does not have too much to offer......but I will tell you what to do to make the time pass) and then you ride the train back to Blue Ridge. 

We selected an air conditioned passenger car.....and we were glad we did because it was hot and the poor people in the windowless cars were sweltering in the heat.  If it would have been Spring or Fall I certainly would have chose the windowless option.  The air conditioning was especially appreciated after our jaunt around in Tennessee.

 The views from the train were beautiful, here is the Toccoa River.  The river we tubed. 

 Once we got to Tennessee, one of the major attractions is getting a picture on the Ga/Tn lines.  There are various areas in the area to do this.  We also ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. 
While eating lunch I read about finding mine cart doors in various stores in McCaysville.  The secret doors were to have treasures inside and if found the kids get to keep the treasures.  So we made it our mission to find these mine doors.  We found all of them and Eli found this little angel in the Christmas shop and gave it to Maggie. 

Hezekiah found some gems in a thrift shop and Eli found the one in the candy store too,  but that one had already been opened for the day so he got a 25 cent bouncy ball instead as a treasure.  This is how we occupied our time while in Tennessee.  We also found the kids some ice cream or Eli wanted the gummy soda pops.  
Apparently there are seasonal Christmas train rides too to Tennessee where you can visit Santa.  

 Oh, Eli also wanted to get this railroad tie with the train on the top as a souvenier, so he bought it with his own money.  Maggie also bought herself an elephant toy. 


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