Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, March 14, 2014 at 6:32 PM

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, taking advantage of where we live.  

My kids are at the perfect age for all things Disney, in terms of what their parks have to offer.  We do not get the Disney channel, so what we do get are the cartoons I allow them to watch on the Ipad.   Their idea of  Disney is pretty much Mickey Mouse Club House, Cinderella, The Lion King, all the other Disney kid "movies," and the theme parks.

I am super thankful that this year we were able to get annual passes.  I always say to people, my kids are the perfect height for the rides, they will have memories of these trips, and  while we live here in Florida, an hour & fifteen minutes away, I am thankful we can take advantage of something most people never even get the chance to do.  That is the way with all areas though.  I mean after visiting Canada today, I long to go back where my parents took me as a kid.  After going on Soarin' today, I long to go to Yosemite National forest.  While riding Malestrom, I desired to visit Norway and get on a Viking ship.  So be thankful for what you have where you live, and go explore!

Since Epcot was having their Flower and Garden festival, I told Eli to take his camera and take pictures of dicot and monocot plants.   I figured this would be a fun way to review the plants he has been growing and measuring this school year.  He has spent a lot of the year studying botany, so it was fun for him.  

We also reviewed the life cycle of the butterfly and identified butterflies. 

Hezekiah has been doing a study on Canada, so we watched the 360 degree show all about Canada, visited the Niagara Falls, checked out some Totem poles, and talked to some of the workers who were from Canada.  

We also visited France and watched a show about France.  The kids just did a report/display for our homeschool fellowship group last week.  We learned some new things about France and also found some Monets' works in the France area.  The kids pointed the works out!  

 Some engineering was done, designing their cars.

We even had another art lesson today in gardening.  It had to do with the color palette, with analogous colors and complementary colors.  The kids enjoyed the play area and also got to make sand bottles. 


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