Al's Family Farms -- The Tour

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 6:09 PM

 On the tour we learned that Ponce de Leon was the first to bring citrus trees to Florida, we learned lots of other fun facts too, like 90% of all oranges from Florida are juiced for orange juice!  We learned about the different types of citrus grown in the Indian River Citrus territory such as the Pummelo that Hezekiah is holding, they even get bigger than that!  We also learned about tangerines, navels, honey bells, and each of their growing seasons. 
 Maggie Beth got to juice an orange!  And we all got to sample all of these lovely citrus products!  They were delicious and very juicy!  I think my kids went back 3-4 times for more samples!
Did I tell you that we sampled fudge and orange juice too?  
My favorite fudge was the orange- chocolate fudge. 

 On the tour, we learned about how they irrigate, harvest, sort, clean and package all their fruit. 

 Grandma got to come too.  She enjoyed it, especially all the references to sending fruit to your "Grandma in Ohio!"  Tee hee!!!

 Afterward we had a special orange-vanilla swirl ice cream!  It was DE-LICIOUS!!! 


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