Page's Birthday

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 11:26 AM


 Yesterday was Page's birthday!  We celebrated at the Magic Kingdom!  We got there early.  We saw the opening show, Mickey's arrival on the train!  We even got Page a Happy Birthday button that he wore proudly the entire day! 
It is awesome to get there when it opens because for the first hour or two you can pretty much walk onto every ride!

First choice was Space Mountain!

 Check out the kids' faces.  They crack me up!

 Check out that 10 year old driving by himself!
Did we tell you that he wears a men's 9 1/2 shoe!  The same size as Grandpa!

For Page's birthday the kids decided to dress an Indian as Page!

We also rode The Haunted Mansion, of which 2 people in our family really like this ride. 

 Another fun fact, Page is the same age as Disney World, his dad took them there as a baby before the park even opened.  But Page and It's a Small World are the same age!  So we celebrated together!

 While we were searching for the Disney homeschool group to do a scavenger hunt, we watched the Dreams Come True show!  We never found the scavenger hunt so we opted for ice cream and cupcakes!

 Happy birthday sweet love!  It was an amazing day with you! 

 Upon returning from the Magic Kingdom we met my parents at Red Lobster to celebrate, guess who?  
Happy birthday baby!


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