Hezekiah's 6th Birthday at Disney Hollywood Studios

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 10:27 AM

Six years ago on December 24th, I received my most precious Christmas present, my first child, Hezekiah Page Phelps. This young man is amazing, silly, fun-loving, tall, tender-hearted, and a thrill seeker. I absolutely love this little fellow and am proud to be his Mama. We celebrated "his" day by taking him to Disney Hollywood Studios, for a six year old this I believe is purely magical, but it was magical for mommy too. We had an Incredible day as a family and I will cherish this day in my heart forever, we also got to do everything that we wanted to do, which too is incredible and our only wait was 30 minutes! There are so many pictures to share it was difficult to choose, so I am going to post by the "areas" in the park. These pictures are from the main entrance and the Animation Courtyard. The boys loved Toy Story, we went on that twice, and we enjoyed watching Playhouse Disney. Maggie Beth enjoyed Playhouse Disney the best, she was so adorable dancing, clapping, and trying to get the bubbles. However, Hezekiah was shaking it too. I have always enjoyed the animation area and Eli loves to color so that was really neat for him to watch and play. We also had our picture taken with Mickey. For some reason I think it is a must if you go to Disney to have your photo taken with Mickey, if not I think it is highway robbery! Since we live only an hour and 15 minutes from Disney you might think we go all the time, no true. We know many families that have passes and go a lot, but we don't so it really is an exciting time for us which I want it to be for our kids and not to take it for granted because I know sooo many families who save up for the "experience" especially those who live out of state. Anyhow, I am contemplating a weekday pass which is less expensive........hmmmm decisions decisions, will that then allow them to take Disney for granted???


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