A Day in the Life of a Dish towel

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, December 7, 2009 at 10:15 AM

This morning I was thinking about my dish towels. Probably because all of them are in the laundry and I had no paper towels left to wipe up spilled yogurt. So, I went looking for my dish towels in the dryer and in the pile of clean laundry sitting by my bedroom door (it has been sitting there for a couple days - it really does not matter how many days, does it?). So, instead I found a clean bathroom hand towel and really does it matter what kind of towel it is at this point? Anyhow, the yogurt that Hezekiah splatted on the table got cleaned up by this towel. As I was wiping this mess up it occurred to me that my dish towels see a whole lot of action in one day. Usually every morning yogurt is splatted somewhere by someone usually on the tile floor. The dish towel wipes up spilled water, especially the cups that have no lid and get knocked over.........but not only is a dish towel used but also sometimes a huge bath towel because the spill is so large. My towels get to wipe snot off of noses sometimes (but I discard of those towels quickly and often resort to wipes or kleenex when I have them). My dish towel dries my hands upteen times a day since I wash them frequently and I am not obsessive compulsive or anything like that. There are just oooeeyy gooey things that I often have to touch and want to wash my hands quickly. My dish towel cleans up dripping milk from Maggie Beth's sippy cups that for some reason never seal well or the boys Spiderman cups that never twist on correctly.......it might be user error? And my dish towel wiped up Maggie's efforts to try and fill up her pretend soda can with the water and ice area on our refrigerator, but then it scared her and she dropped everything and ran with water droplets all over her sweet curls and my dish towel dried up that little girl too. Today my dish towel helped me dry some Christmas cookie plates that had yummy cookies on them that I gave away so I would not eat them. My dish towel also got placed in the laundry because it had seen too much action by 11 a.m. and now it is spinning around in the washing machine. Next stop my dish towel will end up in the dryer. So, I had to once again resort to my clean laundry and guess what I found instead of a hand towel? A clean dish towel a red and white checked dish towel. I wonder what the future holds for this dish towel in the next 4 hours? It shall be interesting I am sure. Til then, the life of a dish towel in the Phelps' family house is at it's end.


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