Valentine's, Water, Barometer, Scavenger Hunt & Topography

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 4:26 PM

So it is another busy Thursday. 

One little girl woke up early, boys were fast asleep and she wanted to make Valentines for her friends so we used some cool stickers Grandma sent us to create her Valentines for her party next week.

Later Eli had some water experimentation to do, to see how water adheres to and is drawn up into celery (plants), drawn up in a paper towel, and which materials absorb water the best and/or repel water the best. 

Next Hezekiah, created a barometer to see changes in air pressure.  There are now 2 experiments sitting on the kitchen table to observe the next few days. 

So, if that is not enough..........I also had the privilege to lead our little homeschool group in a Valentine's Scavenger Hunt to test out our map skills we learned last week.  Again, I forgot my camera (maybe anyone who took pictures will send them to me)?  I had a sweet group a little girls to take around, they were so cute and excited. 

Then we learned about topographical maps and made our own with sand and water in a box.  I think most of the kids made volcanoes.  Crack me up!  Well, I hope they learned something at least........because I am grateful that God somehow gave me time today to get all those items together to teach those cutie pies.  I am thankful that they appreciated my efforts and I am thankful for sweet little ones who are grateful and thankful enough to say thank you and mommies who say thank you too.  Because sometimes you can think that your efforts are all in vain........but it is keeping the idea in mind that God will use it for good.   


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