Green Eggs & Ham Experiment

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 10:08 AM

Yesterday afternoon I did an experiment with the kids after reading Green Eggs and Ham.  

I colored some drinks, I found this activity on-line, 1st--water with sugar, 2nd -- Orange juice with blue food coloring to make it green, 3rd - Sprite with blue food coloring, 4th -- water with orange food coloring, and 5th -- water with salt and red food coloring.

Next, have the kids predict what they think the colored drink will taste like.  Have them take a taste and tell what it did taste like.  I made them all taste at the same time (with their color coordinated straws).

All drinks were liked except for the red salt water, which was immediately spit out.  Maggie Beth was a bit apprehensive in trying the drinks.   The boys though were all into it!


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