Scanning Electron Microscope, Tornadoes, & the Weather

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Alright so here is where my real geek factor comes out.  Does anyone know what the above instrument is?

Ahhhh, yes you answered correctly a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM for short).  It just costs 750,000 dollars.  It is a pretty amazing piece of machinery, magnifying extremely well and able to tell you what elements the specimen that you are looking at has inside it.  

So this gentleman above showed us how to work the SEM and it was AWESOME!  This is actually one of I think he said of 4 places in the world that actually has this tool open to the public. 

So there is my geek factor.  I bet you did not know I was such a nerd.

But the boys really enjoyed looking into the compound light microscope at specimens and also looking through the dissecting scopes.

The kids also were able to do all the experiments in the laboratory area. 

They were so cute with their little goggles on.  

Here Hezekiah and I made a stethoscope with a funnel, a tube and a coffee filter and he listened to the computerized heart beat.

There was a life sized game of Operation.

The kids watched the formation of tornadoes and used little helicopters to fly up into the tornado to see how the air is sucked up. 

Maggie Beth and Hezekiah, my actors, tried their hand in front of the green screen doing a few weather forecasts.  They were so funny! 


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