That is so Eli

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, April 9, 2010 at 7:30 PM

Today I took Eli to have an evaluation done on him for his speech. He has a hard time with his L's, R's and W's. I expected that we were only going to evaluate his speech, but the lady doing the evaluation asked if she could test his vision, hearing, motor skills, etc. I said, "Sure." So Eli did wonderful. I never know with him what to expect because sometimes he can be so shy and other times he can be so outgoing. He is a lot like Page to say the least. Eli, however, did very well with this lady and took to her easily. I learned that Eli is fine with his W's and the L and R sounds we should not worry about until he is 6. But she totally understood why I was concerned, but to wait because he would not qualify for speech therapy. That being said, she laughed and said, "But I would not be surprised if he is gifted. I highly recommend that when he is in kindergarten to have the gifted "teacher" and guidance counselor do their evaluations because I think he is. A lot of the questions I asked him were above his age/grade level and he was able to answer them quickly and correctly." That was super nice of her to say I thought. I have always known that Eli is a bit more advanced in some of his skills, but just thought it was because he has an older brother to teach him the ropes.......which could be part of it too. Anyhow, I already knew he was gifted! In more ways than I can count. But then again so is Hezekiah and Maggie Beth. We are all gifted in different ways but how we use them is the important part, huh?


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