Then the Rain Came

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, April 19, 2010 at 10:20 AM

We bought some ponchos prior to entering Sea World because we knew there was a possibility of rain.  So each of us had one, Maggie Beth is the only one we got a picture of though.  She is so cute!  She says, "Maggie's toot (cute)." 

We went to Shark encounter and when we came out it was pouring rain.  Those of you who do not know, Shark encounter is the farthest point from the entrance of Sea World.  Thankfully, we were leaving to meet some friends at Chuck E. Cheese.  Once we got to the parking lot I asked Page if he remembered where we parked.  Neither of us remembered to remember which parking row we were in.  You know we were too excited to "Have a Whale of a day!"  So I kid you not it was pouring and here is the poncho family with 2 strollers going up and down rows trying to find their vehicle.  Thankfully cars have their alarms on your key chain pad now-a-days because that  helps and it also helps when your husband is super tall and can see the luggage carrier on your car and can distinguish it amongst all the other car luggage carriers.  All I have to say is my man has some mad skills.  

Oh, it was funny.  Better yet we were not the only family who forgot which Jazzy Jellyfish row they were in.  

So you may ask yourself, "Well what can be better than getting soaking wet (the ponchos did help) at Sea World?"  Really, don't ask...........ahhhh you did!!!  Well, honestly it has to be taking your children to the most insane place on earth!!!  Yes, Chuck E. Cheese!  Let me just say, my eye and leg are still twitching from all the noise, lights, and of course children.


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