Chuck E. Cheese?

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, April 19, 2010 at 10:24 AM

"Chuck E. Cheese -- Where a Kid can be a Kid!"  This is what PBS has on each commercial after Curious George.  My boys after seeing these commercials have LONGED to go to this place.  I am not sure I can even say the name anymore.  Seriously.

But this is where it all started at the egg machine.  The AH-inspiring need for tickets.

We got some tickets!

And then we went to this bouncy ball thing and Eli hit the Jack Pot!  We were all standing in amazement.  WOO HOO, 100 tickets!!! 

Now it has certainly been awhile since I have gone to Chuck E. Cheese (hmmmm)!

And back in the day, 100 tickets was a lot!  And so I am thinking all along!  "Wow, Eli is going to be able to get something really cool!"  Crack me up!  Just wait!!!

So we play some more games.  Parents are not watching their kids.  It is very loud, very crowded, I am tripping over people, trying to carry on a conversation with our friends, pretty much insanity.  The kids are having an awesome time.  Riding rides with Teletubbies, Bob the builder, Chucky himself.

Maggie Beth is saying to daddy, "Do I have to do it again, Teletubbies?  Huh?" No really she loved it!  And well we did have 60 tokens!  What was I thinking?

And then comes time to redeem your tickets!  Do any of you ever have trouble deciding what you want?  I mean it is a WALL of Toys (uhhh, sorry, junk!).  But to kids it is sparkling magic! 

So we look, look some more, look.  There is a huge line waiting to redeem the tickets.  We hmmm and haaaaa, and look.  What do we leave with?

Well that Jack Pot got us 2 crickets, 2 rubber snakes the size of a quarter, 2 plastic lady bugs, a Chuck E. Cheese paint it yourself picture, a Chuck E. Cheese glitter sticker, lollipops, and an airhead.  Yes, indeed we sure hit the jack pot. 


Hezekiah as we were leaving smiled at me and said, "Mommy, I want to have my next birthday at Chuck E. Cheese!" 

OH MY GOODNESS.......that is all I have to say!


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