Music Snob Boogie

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 10:53 AM

I use to be one. Yes, a music snob. I remember in high school when I went to visit colleges with my parents riding in our car and my dad was listening to country music. I asked my dad to turn the station, but we were in Kentucky see and really at that time Country music really was all there was. And that is not all that long ago my friends!!! So I thought it was better to just listen to my CD player with my headset and turn up the Cure, Thompson Twins, Natalie Merchant. Yeah, yeah you know they type of music. Anyhow, it did not take long and that 'ol Country music started to grow on me. I remember many a day waking up to CMT listening to Reba and then singing Tori Amos as I walked to class. Listening to some Bob Marley and turning around to listen to some DC Talk or maybe Voice of the Beehive. I think one thing College did for me was help me not be a music snob anymore instead to find things I appreciate in all music and all styles. Even though I can really say they may not be my favorite......uhhh like Opera, I can say I appreciate it. Especially since not many people can sing like that. Today as I was taking my boys to school listening to T-Bone and some Dave Matthews, I just kind of thought about how far I have really come.......thanks to my husband too......who seriously can sing and play any type of music. I wish I were gifted in that way. To be able to play an instrument and sing........but I did not get those gifts......but at least I can boogie!


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