And then there is REALITY

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 10:24 AM

After a wonderful time of travel over the holidays, coming home splashes me back into REALITY.  No one making me dinner, no one doing my laundry (thanks mom!), no schedule, no worries really. 

Then REALITY hits, just walking through our wash room, to smell stagnant water.  Blah.....stinking, stench.  To find your washing machine has somehow overflowed and water is in your living room, under the carpet.  To pay Stanley Steemer way too much money to remedy the problem.  To have a de-humidfier and fan blowing loudly for 2 days in a spot in your home that is walked too frequently that well they are just in the way.

REALITY is having your 5 year old get sick in the middle of the night and not waking anyone because the fan blowing is so loud you do not even hear your poor child.  REALITY is having to clean little 5 year old because somehow he slept in it......(I do not like the word to give it time on my blog).  REALITY is my husband is amazing because he cleaned up little 5 year old and sheets and items with stuff on it. 

REALITY is pink eye that a little girl has with a nasty cough.  REALITY is being thankful I am home to endure sicknesses.  REALITY is waking up sick with stomach bug and having to stay in bed all day.  REALITY is again my husband is amazing and is ABLE to take care of life when I can't.  REALITY is REALITY. 

I am choosing to not let REALITY steal my JOY!  I want to look onto the LIGHT and always know where my JOY comes from.  REALITY is not in focus for me, it is a little blurred by changing my attitude.  

The one REALITY I will be thankful for is you PAGE, that I will not change on!


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