Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, January 7, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Do you have a thumb sucker in your house? 

We do, the residents' name is Eli. 

He has not been doing it as much lately, but this past weekend/week when he had been sick he was sucking his shumb shumb   (of course this is how he refers to his thumb, it's his favorite thumb too) a bit more.  I am sure for comfort. 

I think it is a bit adorable. 

Papaw razed Eli a bit while we were visiting.  I think Papaw is a bit silly or as my kids have picked up on their travels Northward, "ILARIOUS."  That is Hiliarious without the "H."  It is kind of funny how they say it.  They say, "That is so ilarious!" 

But this little thumb sucking kid is adorable and well, since he is 5, and will need braces anyhow says the dentist......I will just choose that this is not a battle I want to conquer.  Probably because I think it is pretty stinking cute. 


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