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When I was delivering little Magpie, Page and I were in the delivery room and her heart rate was sporadic.

I remember the doctor telling me that something was not right. 

I was scared.

It was just Page and I and we cried out to God on behalf of our little girl.

We prayed for a safe delivery.  We did not know what was going on.

I was scared.

The doctor said, "If this was your first pregnancy I would have already gone for a C-section."

I was scared, but I prayed and I turned to my God.

But I was still worried, I was still scared, but I knew God was with me in that hospital room.

I knew he heard my prayers.

This little girl, right now she is crying in her room, she is suppose to be asleep....for some reason she thinks it's cute to come out of her room? 

(This is a new phase........I hope it ends soon)!

But yesterday, I was not feeling so hot. 

I taught Kiah his math, reading, etc., then I took Eli to preschool felt alright, but came home to read Hezekiah his history and got through it, but then I had to lie down on the couch.

I pretty much felt like I had been ran over by a HUGE truck.

Magpie comes over to me.......she gives me her blankie, she gives me her babies, she walks over to play with her Aquadoodles and I hear her pray, "Help my mommy feel better, Amen."

Okay, so I started to sweet it is to hear a prayer out of a 2 1/2 year old's little mouth.  And she is praying for me?

Oh, how precious and sweet are the words of a child.

Thank you Lord for the witnessing of a little one praying for me, her Mommy!

What a blessing!


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