Florence Y'All

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On the 8th, day of Christmas my true love gave to me........Beth, Raven, and Baylee!

Now this little one is just adorable! This was my first time meeting Beth's youngest daughter.  Oh, she is just too cute!

We met in Florence Y'all, you know in Kentucky on I-75 the huge water tower that says Florence Y'all.

It always cracks me up - so Kentucky - I can say this my mom is from there and well I went to College there. 

I use to go to this mall as a kid, teenager.

Maggie Beth enjoyed her time with her newest friend.

Beth is one of my roommates from Cumberland College.  We met in our Freshman orientation class called Insights?  At least I think it was called that.  We were actually in several classes together, drama and Old Testament.  I remember praying in high school my senior year for godly friends when I went away to college.  God answered my prayers and ordained our meeting. 

This Beth.........she is amazing!  I am not the only one who thinks so either.  I am thankful for her even though we do not talk on a daily basis, monthly basis, etc. -- I know she's got my back and I hope she knows I got hers. 

It was a blessing to be able to get to see her and her beautiful girls. 

God Speed my friend and thanks for meeting us. 


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