Living Room

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, January 28, 2011 at 11:27 AM

This is my new photo wall in my living room.

Of which I love.

Page took the pictures and made the frames.

You might want to know what goes on these days while I am teaching 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday nights.

A little of this.

And a little of well, that.

I think I had an epiphany today (at the zoo of all places).

There has been lots of whining, wailing, and gnashing of teeth by 2 of 3 children lately.

The two being the youngest. 

I think it is revolt to a new routine.

Yes, mommy teaching 2 nights a week.

See two sweet somethings, that well, to say nicely have not been so sweet. 

Instead it has been kind of.........hmmmm......wearisome.  Yes, difficult.

It is burdensome, the change of routine, missing my babies while gone for a couple hours.

Yes, I like routine.

But I think those little ones have fun, maybe too much fun, while mommy is at class.

Maybe Page is a bit more fun????

My sweet peas, it will be fine and we will all adjust......just know mommy loves you very much!


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