Saloon & Line Dancing

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, July 5, 2010 at 9:18 AM

We took the kids to the Saloon for some line dancing.  We found this little place to pose for pictures.  Maggie Beth wanted her baby to have a picture with her.  She loves baby, Hezekiah used to sleep with baby, but when Magpie was born he gave it to her.   It is her absolute favorite.

We found these amazingly large grasshoppers.  That Eli enjoyed abundantly.  He kept playing with this grasshopper and of course he named it "Johnny." 

Here we are a rocking.  They are so cute.

Inside the Saloon we played and danced.  Maggie and I line danced (got some lessons), did the chicken dance, and the electric slide in our sandals.  No boots for us.  Maggie Beth often would not want me to dance, she would say, "No Mommy, no."  She cracks me up!


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