The Triathlon

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So here are some pictures of me doing the Triathlon.  Page was so sweet to get the kids up early to bring them up to Titusville for the event.  They got there just before my wave got in to swim. It was so nice to see my little family cheer me on. 

Here I am doing the swim.  None of these pictures are very flattering.  I really do not like pictures of myself.  But this is a goal that I have had for years and I am really so excited that God enabled me to actually fulfill one of my goals.  I am going to try and train for the longer ones.  Maybe then I will like pictures of myself (ha ha know lose more adipose tissue!).

Here I transitioned for my bike ride. The bike ride was really nice through some neighborhoods around the YMCA there.  Everyone was so encouraging.  Lots of "Go 71!"  "You are doing great!"  "Keep it up!"  So, since everyone was encouraging me I did the same.  Everyone was so nice!  It was neat because this triathlon is a family tri, so some families did it together and some kids competed too.  Hezekiah thought that was really maybe in the future he will want to swim, bike, run or even do a portion of it. 

Here I am coming in from my bike ride to transition to the run, for me instead slow jog.  It was funny because from the swim in my wave I was the first out, but the bike ride I saw some of my wave passing me.  Then I would see a couple from wave 5 or 6 pass.  But I kept going.  I even jogged my whole time, but by the end I saw a couple people from wave 10 or wave 11 passing me by.  But it is alright they definitely have done this kind of thing before.  I was just super thankful that I was able to do my run.  Woo wee......if you know me that is the hardest for me.

Here are my boys following me back to the transition area to gather my things.  I had to take a dip back in the pool after I did my run. 

I was up at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning to travel to Titusville.  Got there at 5:45 a.m.  Check-in started at 6 a.m.  Then I had to get painted (number and wave on my arm and legs......the marker and numbers are still on me).  Once I did that I got my bike ready and warmed up for the swim.  It was a fun day and I am thankful for Page, my kiddos, and my friend Casey coming and taking the time to cheer me on.  I think Page and Casey are going to do it with me next year!  Cool huh!


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