The Rodeo

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Here are some pictures of the Rodeo.  This is the only time we got rain when we were out adventuring, but thankfully their bleachers were covered so we did not get wet.   Which was awesome!  This was the first time I had ever been to a rodeo.  It was pretty cool.  The kids really liked the bull riders.  Fun fact:  Most bull riders are 150 pounds or less.  I told Page that our boys probably won't end up being bull riders.  Ha ha ha! 

We also got to see the barrel runs.  There were a few kids that even did the barrel run.  One was 5 and the other was 8.  Hezekiah was impressed.  He told Page, "Daddy, I want to do that."  Page said, "Hezekiah, you have to get lessons and learn how to ride a horse."  Hezekiah said, "But Daddy, I rode that pony already."  Too cute.

Eli liked the bulls the best, his favorite bull was Black Magic.  He kept asking when they would have breaks between the bull riding when the bulls would come out again.

Maggie Beth liked the horses.  When we left the rodeo she said, "Maggie, horse mmmmmm cake."  That means, "Mommy when it is my birthday I want a horse."  She associates cake with her birthday.  I guess since we made such a big deal out of what type of cake she was having for her birthday.....she just thinks that the celebration of her birth is known as "Cake."  Too funny.  She says this a lot when we go to a store and she sees something she likes, she says the same thing, "Maggie, (insert toy) mmmmm cake." 


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