Toys R Us Cashier -- You are too Funny!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, July 23, 2010 at 10:52 AM

My quest the other morning was to find a Melissa & Doug responsibility chore/chart.  I went to 3 different stores.  I had seen one recently in Vero Beach and I really should have gotten it then, but figured I would find it around here.  So Hezekiah, Maggie Beth and I trotted around town to find our chart while Eli was at Art Camp.

We found it at Toys R Us. 

The cashier at Toys R Us cracked me up.  She says, "Oh man, you know this would be great for college students too!"  I cracked up and thought to myself........yeah it would have been good for me in college.......don't say it Beth.....I know "Someone please wash the dishes!"  I said, "Yeah, like man you brushed your teeth today (with at pat on the back) Way to Go!" 

Cashier said, "Yeah, like wow you took a bath...Amazing!"

I said, "You  got ready for bed.......Super!"

Cashier, "You did not use any bad language today......You did it!"

We just kept going and laughing.  It was too funny!  Oh college days.....if you are still in them cherish them.......they are fun days.  But these days are much more fulfilling and rewarding and I would not trade them ever! 

My other interaction yesterday........I must have been a college kid magnet.....

Red Box makes me laugh. This evening I go to return a movie. Since we live near Florida Tech, there are a lot of college students at our local Red Box station. I must have looked like I had a cool movie. This college kid stalks me and says, "What movie is that?" I said nonchalantly,

‎"Oh, well it is Superheros Super Squad. (Paused, watched his face like in disbelief......because I am "really" that cool to not have a movie like that.....Ha ha ha! NOT!!!) Yeah, my kids absolutely loved it."


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