The Art of Saying "No!"

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 10:41 AM

When you are cute and when you are the only baby girl in the house sometimes you do not hear the word no very much.  Which is good and bad.  Seriously at this stage in her life, she does not really need to be told "No" very much and I am praying it stays that way and she ends up being one of those easy going types of kids.  Every so often though she is told, "No, Maggie Beth."  When this happens her eyes well up, her eyes get huge, her mouth opens in a very wide O shape, and little tears start to fall down that pretty little face.  Oh, I wish there were an art in saying "No," that would not make my little ones mad or sad.  I wish they would hear it, turn away, and be fine with it.  Like Hezekiah's little friend taught him in preschool, "That's what you get so don't throw a fit!"  A motto we keep here in our home. 

But because so often when I say no to my children I get crying, weeping, gnashing of teeth, stomping, grumpy words, and fits I think it necessary they have a change in attitude or we learn to deal with it all so differently.  I can see why so many parents don't intervene and say, " No."  I agree it is hard.  But it is not realistic to not be able to say no.  There in lies the problem, "How do I say no without my child(ren) going ballistic?" 

Therefore a class that helps me to say that word in a way that is pleasing to the ear and to the heart would be terrific! The class would be called The Art in Saying "No." So any teachers out there? 


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