Do you know who I have missed?

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This little guy! 

He was very hesitant yesterday morning when he and I drove off to Art Camp.  Yes, I knew he was excited.  But I also knew he was a little uncertain of the unknown.  I think I too was a little uncertain.  I knew he would do wonderfully though once he started his crafty work.  And so it was, he started painting his alligator and he was content, at ease, in a familiar place.....paint, clay, crayons, markers, paper maiche.

So this morning he was an old pro, walked right into his class ready to go. 

It is odd though.  Running around with only 2 kids when you have 3.  I know it has only been a few weeks of summer but I guess I am use to having all 3 with me.  I found myself missing this little one while he is away on his arty adventure!  He is a joyful little fellow and he adds a lot of humor to each of my days.  But I love him not because of what he adds to my life, I love him because he is mine and I just do.  I love him and I miss him. 

It is nice to have one on one time though with Hezekiah and Maggie Beth.

So it made me think about missing someone.  It is nice when others acknowledge that they have not seen you and they actually say they miss you.  Or if you have moved away and someone says, "Oh, I wish you were here to share this with me."  It's kind, it's thoughtful, and it means something to you that they actually care enough to say, "I miss you." 

I wonder often when we miss someone if it is the "person" that we miss or if it is what the person can do for us that we miss?  Especially how a person states their "I miss you" comment.  Someone told my husband the other day, "Yeah, I miss hearing you play."  So that is nice they appreciate his gifts, but do they miss him as a person or do they miss what he can do? 

How about children are they missed?  How many teachers call to say I missed so and so in class today?  How is he feeling?  Or are you doing alright, feeling okay?  I always liked it when my teachers checked on me whether it be at school, swim team, church, etc.  You know, honestly I can say that none of my childrens' teachers from a place that we use to go has even been concerned enough to call.  Interesting huh?  Yeah, and my children were regulars there.  And having 3 children you would think that maybe one teacher would call?  Maybe one?  Not so.

I think that says a lot without saying anything. 

You know come to think of it I think that sometimes if you are not actually serving somewhere in an organization often times you are not missed unless you serve a role in that organization. Because the only reason you are missed is because they have to find someone else to take over that role and well that is hard.  Huh?  So, if someone misses you is it because you are loved or because of what you can do for them? 

I know a lot of people who miss you and they are sincere about their words.  So don't get me wrong....they mean it, they actually care about you.  I like those type of people! I want more of that in my life.  More love and more people that love me and my family not just what I can do for them, maybe to love us despite what we can do for them! I want to love others like that too.  Maybe God will show me how to do that....have "MORE LOVE."

I John 3:16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for
us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.

So looking at this verse it is a puzzle.  To demonstrate love it is actually doing.  Laying down our lives because Christ did.  So......I am talking about missing someone and my whole angst is missing someone because of who they are or because of what they can do for you?  Do you think Christ laid down his life because of what we could do for Him?  I don't.  I think He just laid down His life for us out of pure love.  And we too ought to love like that.  Which may include serving.......and most likely so! But I think that love is present from God because we are His and that is what He is......God is love.

Maybe the statement would be more like, "I miss you because I love you and I miss you just because you are mine or were apart of my life." 


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