Indoor Skate Park -- The Park

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 6:28 PM

For over a year I have been driving down US1 passing this "cool" skate park that is all indoors (  I have been wanting to stop by and check it out and it is really maybe 3-5 miles from our home.  So we stopped by this evening. 

Since I have 2 boys, I figured someone might be interested in trying skateboarding.  Especially those high energy someones.  I was right.  Oldest high energy one now has a new skateboard, helmet, and is desiring to return to skate park tomorrow to conquer all tricks.  I am hoping that we do not end up with broken bones!  We practiced some this evening on the carpet.  I showed oldest how to push with one foot and stand on the board.  Let me just interject here that I tried once to skateboard in high school and found it difficult mostly due to my fear of getting hurt, but I am all for letting Mr. Hezekiah try it.  Really though, I do not want to watch in fear of him getting hurt.  Oh my the dilemmas of mothering.

Hezekiah, Eli, and Maggie Beth were pretty much in awe of the skaters and their tricks.  I was in awe of the cool atmosphere of the skate park.

I guess Eli liked the art and atmosphere too.


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