Web Waspster

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, February 5, 2010 at 11:09 AM

Hezekiah had a big day, he finished reading his book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We started last winter and moved pretty quickly through it til school started and finding time to work on it was difficult until I decided at book time each evening we would do a lesson and then we started moving really quick through the lessons, we had only 20-25 left from the beginning of August and we finally finished it!!! I had told him when we finished the book that he would get to choose a place to go to dinner. Well, he is all about the toys in the meals, so Burger King had Spiderman, so he was all about going to Burger King. But being the mom that I am, we went to Burger King (and knowing that the area Burger Kings do not always have the "Toy" that they advertise), I went in and asked what they had prior to us all entering the restaurant. Well, they did not have the Spiderman toys that they advertised, so I went back to the car and said, "Hezekiah, they do not have the Spiderman toys here, do you want to try another restaurant and go by Toys R Us and get something special afterwards?" Hezekiah said, "Yes, I want to go to Olive Garden!" Woo Hoo for mommy and daddy!!! :-) So off we went to Olive Garden, the kids had pizza, but it was nice to have Olive Garden over Burger King, so I think finishing the book may have been more of a reward for Page and I.

Eli has started the lessons too and is now on lesson 19. He is doing amazing, he can read an entire sentence. I highly recommend this book and have enjoyed being their teacher. It is fun to snuggle with my boys and listen to them read.

On the way home we passed by another restaurant that we have never taken our children to, it is now known as Web Waspster. That is how Eli said it. He has trouble with his R's, L's, and W's which he is working on and saying a lot better these days........he kept trying to say the restaurants name and then he finally got it after some practice. He said, "I mean Red Lobster, now those words sure take some practice." Too cute!

Maggie Beth last evening also said her brothers names.  She usually just calls them Bubbies.  But last night she said Eli and Ki Ki.  It is funny because she was saying other kids names like Max and Dillan, but not her brothers.  She finally did it.  She is talking a lot more these days, the same happened with Eli.  I remember when Eli was 18 months and we went on a trip and he said very few words and then around 20 months, what Maggie Beth is now he just started talking in complete sentences.  Maggie Beth is not there yet, but she is 20 months and she is doing wonderful, but also getting a temper too.  She insists on walking without holding our hand and when we go to reach for it in the parking lot she gets so mad, but oh well, I have to keep the kid safe.


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