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Where to start? This has been one of those weeks, Hezekiah ended up catching strep throat last week and the same day he started showing symptoms Maggie threw up in the car on the way to Walmart with Page. Thankfully, we were able to get Hezekiah antibiotics Thursday a.m. and by Friday he was doing a lot better. Maggie only threw up once in the car and after that she did pretty well, but now she has a really yucky cough and lots of snot and I am really amazed at how much snot actually can come out of a 2 foot little girl. She will sneeze and the strings of snot go down past her chin. Gross huh? So, Page was not feeling so hot yesterday so he rested after church and I had Magpie and the boys and we were playing and Maggie sneezed and oh, my goodness......I actually had to catch the snot in my hand while Hezekiah ran to get us a tissue for her. All I could do was laugh though and I told the boys that Maggie's snot looks like slime and they thought that was super funny(of course they think this is funny because it is totally boy humor and for some reason I get it!). But I told them to watch out so they do not get slimed by her. Ha ha ha!!!

So Kiah was home for the rest of the week and it was great to have him home. Oh, so much that maybe next year is the year for me to home school??? Magpie is starting to do better on her own and not need me as much or get into as much trouble, so I will be praying about it and seeking what I am to do. It is funny, I often feel at times I just want to do this whole home church/home school thing where it is a small group of people (that I would prefer to select, so if I messed up any they would still love me despite my imperfections), and like do this family church/home thing rather than the whole corporate church thing??? Does that sound weird or not right? I do not know. Anyhow I just want to have the sense of protection around my kids, I think sometimes there is more influence from the kids at church than at school........which is particularly sad especially with little girls these days that are 5/6 talking about how so and so is their boyfriend. So where do they get this from? Older kids I am sure. But poor Hezekiah's class at church has like 11 little girls in it and then him and maybe one other little boy. So, the pressures. Anyhow, I just want him to be naive to that. Maybe I should just start keeping him with me.

So this is a random post, but another crazy thing that happened last week was that Magpie decided to lick deodorant. Yes, totally disgusting. I was drying her hair and she got a hold of the deodorant and next thing I knew she licked it and I grabbed her tongue and wiped it clean but she must have had a bit of it because she started gagging and drooling it out and so I got her to the sink and washed her mouth out with water. I knew whatever there was in her mouth was not much, but it scared me nonetheless. In the past, I had another incident a couple years ago with Hezekiah, he got in our bathroom and thought that Ben gay was toothpaste, he had it all over his shirt and I was not sure how much he had, but he showed me and he had put it on a toothbrush and immediately knew that was the wrong thing to do, but he tried to clean it up. I had to call poison control. That too scared me like a ton. Oh, the things these kids do, to keep me on my toes.

Well, as for the rest of this week, I hope not to get slimed too much, not have children try to eat things they are not suppose to eat, and try to protect my children's minds from the warped world that we live in. All in all, I am looking forward to this week being a success!


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