The Sneakin' Team

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, February 22, 2010 at 6:23 PM

There are some pretend teams that apparently live in our house. Actually two teams a "good" sneakin' team and a "bad" sneakin' team. The sneakin' teams do some interesting things. First of all, the "good" sneakin' team is blue and black and the "bad" sneakin' team is gray and purple. This is so you can distinguish between the two when you are visiting the Phelps abode. These two teams can appear at any time, but often come out at night. They appear out of bureau drawers. I often hear about the sneakin' team when something goes missing or when someone needs to go to the restroom. When this person, that goes to the restroom, has to leave he asks another to watch his items so that that the sneakin' team does not get said items. It can also be food that the sneakin' team tries to obtain. When items disappear from beds at night, the bad sneakin' team is to blame and when marvelous things appear in beds or randomly throughout the house the good sneakin' team is to blame. One of my children actually thinks there are sneakin' teams, the other child who is a bit older came up with the idea of sneakin' teams and apparently has his younger sibling believing it all. I am amazed at how one child can pull the wool over the eyes of another. But until younger brother figures out his older brothers shenanigans the sneakin' teams will exist in the mind of one and in reality for the other. Oh Eli, I love how you ask me, "Mommy, uh will you watch my Staw Waws (star wars) toys so dat da sneakin' team does not get it?" And Eli, I always say, "Yes, yes my love I will not let that sneakin' team get it." Oh, how darling are those sneakin' teams.


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