The Flutter Walk

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, February 22, 2010 at 10:01 AM

A new way to walk, the flutter walk.

My children really do not know how to walk. I am sure your children do not know how to walk either, especially if they are under the age of 8, which I think is a good estimation. We took the kids for a walk across the causeway Sunday morning, yes we skipped out on church (don't judge me). Maggie like I mentioned in a previous post was sick and so we decided to not expose our child to the church for them to catch it. So we put them all in strollers and enjoyed the beautiful 68 degree weather. It was beautiful outside, we saw dolphins too and played by the river. Once we got over the causeway the boys wanted to "walk" too. Now, I have noticed this "walk" before. It happens every day in my home. I think I have just coined it's name. It is the flutter walk....not really walking, not really running just a twitter lee fly walk where they flutter like little butterflies. Then the flutter becomes an all out run. So all of my children do this, it really is not walking......they have done it since they began moving their little legs. It may just be a Phelps trait, but I think that other families may have this trait too.


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