Things said today

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On the way to pick up Hezekiah, Eli asked, "Mommy, was God ever a boy?"
I said to Eli, "Yes, Eli remember Jesus, He was God as a little boy."
Eli, "Hmmm, so was he a baby?"
Me, "Yes, Eli remember baby Jesus in the manger."
Eli, "Yes, I know mommy, but did he have a mommy?"
Me, "Yes, Eli, remember his mommy's name is Mary."
Eli, "Mommy, was Mary Jesus' mommy forever?"
Me, "Yes, Eli she is his mommy forever, just like I am your mommy

We pick up Hezekiah and as we are driving, he pipes up, "Mommy, when are
you going to have another baby?"
Me, "Well, Hezekiah, I do not know, why do you want another baby?"
Hezekiah, "Yes."
Me, "Well, Why?"
Hezekiah, "Because I want Eli and I to both have a sister." (I guess
since there is just on Maggie Beth there is not much for sharing these
Me, "Well, if we had another baby sister what would you name her?"
Hezekiah, "I don't know."
Eli, "I don't want another baby sister, I want a baby brother. And I
would name him Johnny."
Hezekiah, "No, I would name him Booma."

Later this evening, Hezekiah asks, "Mommy, why did God make holes in our
Me, "Well, Hezekiah, God made a hole in your penis so you could
eliminate waste."
End of conversation.

Oh the conversations that are had with 6 and 4 year olds.


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