Sock puppets, Planting wildflower seeds, & Throw a rock at a word

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 10:51 AM

Alright to keep our days updated we made sock puppets for our craft day on Tuesday. Today we planted our wildflower seeds and played a game I cannot take credit for, Hezekiah's preschool teacher gave me this idea to wet your drive way and then put sight words on it and throw a bean bag on the word, we do not have bean bags ........... I guess we could make that next craft day ......... anyhow we used a rock and I told the boys we were going to play a game, and they were like, "What's it called?" And well, "Throw a rock at a word," came out of my mouth. CMU! I also took 3 children to our neighbors pool today for an hour or so, all by myself. I was kind of scared I must admit because well I have never done that before. Anyhow let's just be thankful for swimmies for Eli, Hezekiah can swim on his own, and a little swim ring for Maggie Beth. So those inventions made my life more at ease with 3 in the pool. The boys CMU (crack me up) because they said, "Mommy, you have to be the shark and we are going to be the Diver Dans." So I chased them around the pool. By the way Diver Dans are also known as Scuba divers in our house. So, I proceeded to tell them about playing countless hours of sharks and minnows as a kid every summer, every day at Forest Hills Country Club! Yeah to good fun memories!


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