Monday Morning with my Kids

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, June 1, 2009 at 10:55 AM

Well, we are all different in our quest for entertainment and time together with our families this summer and making use of our time at home is a fun thing I think. Since we have swim lessons in a couple weeks at 9 a.m. for 8 days I want to make our mornings a lot of fun at our home. I guess I just think it is important to not go places just to go places because I really want my children and me as an adult to find my home a fun place to be. Also, I do have a little girl who naps each morning for 1 1/2 hours so............naps are very important still in the morning in our home . . . so things definitely could change in a year or so, but I really really want my kids to always enjoy being here at our little house. I hope in my journey as a parent that I as well as Page just pass on to them the enjoyment of play and most of all they feel loved, mostly by God and that God somehow teaches them that through this vessel He has given me. So yep, it is all up to Him and me being obedient :) ! Anyhow, this morning we have had a fun time. Eli and Hezekiah built Maggie Beth and I a castle out of blocks. One game we really like to play with the blocks is "CAN YOU BUILD WHAT I BUILD" and Hezekiah and I go back and forth building structures and he builds what I built and I build what he built and Eli makes his own buildings and Maggie Beth chews on the blocks, so that is fun for everyone. We also have a friend who is having a birthday today, so the boys helped me make her a cake for her birthday, they mostly enjoyed the icing of the cake and the sprinkles...........but baking is always fun mainly I think because we get to try out what we make! Our neighbors gave us a big box for playing caves and spaceships, so the boys began decorating the box today, I helped them put on some controls and reflectors with aluminum foil. They named their spaceship DHEL, I thought they were spelling Phelps and I was like, "Oh, that is really cool you are putting the Phelps spaceship together." And Hezekiah was like, "UH, no the name of our spaceship is DHEL." So, I was wrong, but thought the name interesting. I also cannot imagine not having kiddie pools in my backyard.........because I literally use those almost everyday but our water bill does reflect that! I love it and all the kids love them too...........we had sometime out there already today. We are excited though because we get to use some friends' pool this week while they are away, so it will almost seem like we are on vacation...........I am super excited about that and hoping too the boys improve with their swimming skills, Hezekiah is able to swim half way across the pool where he was doing lessons and coming up to take a breath and keep swimming. I have also found these really great workbooks for the boys one is Pre-K and the other is a Kindergarten book that teaches them different skills and they are really enjoying them too, I found them at Toys R Us. So, these are some things we have been doing on our summer days so far. Here are some pictures of our morning. If you have more ideas to fill my mornings with fun, please leave me a message or e-mail me. I can always use ideas and am always looking for something different to do! Thanks


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