Oh, What should I call this one?

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What a day! Today we started with swim lessons as we have all this week, tomorrow will be our last lesson of the week and then we will start all over again next week with our last week of swim lessons. Now, swim lessons would not be so bad for Mommy if it was like 20 degrees cooler outside, but it is not and I am a puddle of sweat by the end of each class and classes are from 9-9:40 a.m. and it is too early for it to be that hot, seriously! Anyhow, I just finished taking a shower from my hot sweaty day of a day and I am starting to feel much better.

After lessons we came home so Maggie Beth could get a brief but much needed nap and the boys could eat a snack of which there was not much to offer since I had not been to the grocery store for, I do not know, a while.  So I offered my children prunes, cashews, and a cheese stick and they were content and happy with what I offered them! Then we were off to friends for a swimming time, which was super nice because it is HOT! So now I am sweaty, have 2 layers of sunscreen on myself, and chlorine, and my hair is so super nappy and we are on our way home at which we arrive at 1:30 p.m. a half an hour late for naps, but all is well and everyone goes to their quiet places and all is good for 2 hours.

Then we are up,  had some nice time with Page catching up on his day for about 15-20 minutes and then 2 boys are out of their quiet places and want food, so I break a cookie in half and give them water and they were happy, so I am happy too. Wake Maggie, feed Maggie, off to work-out so Page can practice for church tonight, acoustic guitar (this way no one is standing on his music, eating his music, taking pieces of his music to another room, or trying to help him play guitar.) So, off I tote my 3 young ones to Kid Fit, all have cheerios and water, all is good. Just let me remind you I still have not taken a shower and I really saw no need since I still had to go workout today. So, I really do not think I even put deodorant on today either, so I really am not very pleasant I am sure. I know too much information, but I know you all have been there. You are not kidding me!

So, I go workout, come home eat dinner. Spaghetti, everyones favorite and Page cooked it, since he had to practice his guitar for worship practice he was able to make us dinner! Thank you Page! After dinner then Page has to run to practice and I really need to go to the store because we need essentials, well a couple essentials. So, I load up all children yet once again, thankfully for the last time of the day and head down the street to our neighborhood Wal-Mart store. I pull in the parking lot and am excited to see that there is someone pulling out of an ideal parking spot (one close to the entrance and where there is a buggy parked right beside so I can load children into parked buggy). As I put my car in reverse, I look to see no one is behind me, I back up and somehow run into someone, a car that is. Thankfully, the man was super nice and I asked him if I did anything to his car and he just said to me gruffly, "Look in your rear view mirror!" I was just thankful he walked away and I did not have to like get all insurance cards and stuff out and wait with 3 children for someone to come look at our cars with no marks on them.  So, said a thank you to God and listened to my boys ask a bunch of questions about what just happened and why did that man blow his horn at you mommy and a bunch of other things and I just said patiently and quietly, (with God's help of course or really it must have been His intervention) let's just go get our groceries boys.

So I load my children in the cart and have one hanging off the side of the cart, which usually results in him trying to flip the cart over with his weight. But we made it into Wal-Mart and we started on our way. So we are in the middle of Wal-Mart and I have broken my rule of having everyone go to the bathroom before we go to the store obviously I forgot and Eli stands up in the cart and says, "Mommy, I have to go pee pee!"  So I tell Hezekiah, drop whatever you are holding and we gotta go, Eli has to go potty. So we all with the cart make a mad dash to the bathroom. Thankfully, our neighborhood Wal-Mart takes into consideration the mommy with children and has a family bathroom, only a cart with 2 kids and one hanging off of it really does not fit in there. So knowing that children have no shame I just leave the door open with Hezekiah and Maggie Beth in the cart standing in the doorway.  Now, Eli does not have shoes on, another rule broken by mommy because he was just suppose to stay in the cart right? Right. But, he had to pee. So no shoes. Yes, I know but he had to go. Again thankfully the bathroom smelled and appeared just cleaned. So, yes, I let Eli stand on the floor barefoot and go potty. This disgusted me, but I really had not choice and I tried to shield his bum from anyone that was outside the open door. Oh my being a mommy makes you have so many conflicting thoughts that really go through your head, like I really cannot believe I am doing this.

So, like I said we are getting some essentials and for mommy this means we need some stuff for that time of the month (again I know too much info), but you will understand as I try to end this blog. So I am weary from trying to keep Hezekiah from tipping the cart over, trying to steer the cart with him hanging off one side, and also weary from trying not to run Hezekiah over when he is walking beside me trying to touch everything in the store. Well, we get to the check out area and since there were no treats left in the house I told the boys they could pick one when we got to the check out. So they are looking over all their choices, and Hezekiah chooses Fun Dip and Eli chooses a Push Up Pop. Maggie Beth chooses Mommy! So, I start putting our stuff up on the conveyor belt and I put the essential items we need but notice that there are Peanut butter M&M's, Ice cream cones, Ritz bits, crackers, Oreo cookies, and just a lot of JUNK. Crack me up. And I said to myself, "But aha, my cashier will understand why I have all this junk when she reaches why I had to come to the store this evening, for the essentials!" And I really just started to laugh on the inside of course because who would think that any lady with 3 children or more in Wal-Mart would just be laughing out loud for no apparent reason when her children are really quite honestly being really well behaved.

So I laughed. And I continued laughing as I got home and saw my 5 year old with blue lips eating his Fun Dip, and my 3 year old shake his booty all over the place since he was licking a sugar filled Push Up Pop and my baby girl just reach for her mommy as snot falls out of her nose. I just had to think to myself, I am blessed in every way, every day! And I am thankful for the sweet cashier who opened her line for us even though she turned off her light, I am thankful for her sweet smile and how she told my boys they had nice manners, and for telling me that my children are beautiful..........because after my day God used her to remind me of how much I need to be thankful for! And well now I am thankful for my shower and for being clean at least for a few hours.
Good night!


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