I love you despite!

Posted by Unknown | Labels: , , | Posted On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 12:04 PM

Oh my Eli! I love you despite the turmoil of not so nice words you have said lately, and despite your fussy whiny attitude. I love you even though some days I just want to not discipline you because you are just driving me crazy and instead I would like to put you in time out for 10 hours. What has gotten into you little fellow? I love you when I have to discipline you in ways I wish I did not and I love you even when you call me a bad mommy, which makes me cry. I love you even though you make some ugly faces at me and I love you when you say you are sorry and give me the sweetest hugs and kisses ever! I love you my little boy and I am so thankful that the doctor said that your little chest is alright and that is just how you are growing. Boy, I worry about you. But I know you are God's little boy before you are my little one! I love you Elijah Blain Phelps, if you only knew maybe you would be more pleasant to mommy and her feeble attempts to discipline you with love!


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