Kitchen Bible School

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 5:04 PM

So I am finally getting around to blogging this week, the house is a little quieter today since Hezekiah is at a friends house. He was so excited to go. Hezekiah has also been at what we now call around here Kitchen Bible school each morning this week as well. So Eli has had mommy all to himself during Maggie Beth's nap time. Anyhow, while we were getting ready to head out the door Monday for Hezekiah to go to Vacation Bible school, Eli says to me, "I sink (think) they learn A, B, C's at Kitchen Bible school." I started laughing I just thought it was too cute. So Vacation Bible school will be forever known now as Kitchen Bible school...........which in all actuality I think that I know some people who may want to use this motto to start their own Bible in the kitchen with cooking show. CMU!!! (Crack me Up) On Monday when I dropped Hezekiah off at Kitchen Bible school I was super hesitant. He had never been to Bible school before, I have taught many and have always had a good time, but he had never been. Thankfully Kitchen Bible school is where he went to preschool and also his little buddy, thank you Lord, is in his class because I was not sure he was going to stay or if mommy was going to be able to let him stay. It is just one of those mommy know what I am talking about......the moments where you first put your child in the nursery, or the first time you take them to school, and this overwhelming feeling comes over you like you just cannot do it and you have to rescue them before little tears start to run down their face or yours. And your heart is just pounding and your mind is racing with all the options of what to do. But, I persevered and knew that he would have a great time, especially when his buddy got there! So, I decided to take Eli and Maggie Beth into the welcoming ceremony time and keep an eye on my first born baby to make sure he would be alright and I left soon after and came back to a little guy that was so excited and said to me, "Mommy, I was a little shy about Vacation Bible school at first, but I had fun." With a big smile I just gave him a hug and told him how proud I was of him. Oh, the joys of being a mommy and also the apron strings that have to be loosened at times to allow your children "some" freedom from mommy or maybe some independence.........which for this mommy at times is hard. Eli has enjoyed some time with me this week as well as with his little sister who is very playful these days. It is so cute to see Eli and Maggie Beth just interacting and playing together and he tries to tell her what to do and she just says, "Yep." Because she says, "Yep," to everything these days. I also had just gotten Eli, my little drawer, some new markers and he has been busy making rocket ships for daddy. I also took Eli and Maggie Beth to see Kung Fu Panda. Maggie Beth's first trip ever to the movie theater and she did take a nap there, which was unbelievable. I thought for sure we would need to leave the movie in half way and I told Eli ahead of time just to prepare him in case. We met some friends there and Eli was excited because it seemed that the day was all about him. So cute. Well, yesterday afternoon I found Eli napping in his bed. The picture above is of him napping. He sleeps with a pair of my pajama, the bottoms of my P.J.'s so we call them his britches. Anyhow he had put one of the legs of the britches on his legs and this is how I found him and I had to take a picture. CMU!!! Too cute! Disclaimer: Yes, even though there are a bagillion toys in his bed, he still naps and sleeps at night. How? I do not know. But he has learned this from his brother. Insane huh? And yes, I do make them clean their beds! :)


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